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Found 2 results

  1. I'm playing on PC, Steam, build 1.5.72378 . The prompt to bribe bobbies seems to appear or not appear almost randomly. There doesn't seem to be any reason as to when it does or does not appear. When the prompt does appear, bribing doesn't work. Most of the time when I attempt a bribe, things pause as if an animation is playing (I can't move for several seconds), and the Scotch (or other alcohol) disappears from my inventory, but nothing else changes. The bobby doesn't act as though he's consumed any alcohol afterwards. Occasionally I'll find a bobby where the animation actually plays and he'll become intoxicated, but the majority of the time, I'm just losing scotch and not seeing any change.
  2. Hello, not sure if this is a glitch or not just wondering if every single NPC I knock out is supposed to be found in the same place dead after a while? Doesn't really bother me since most of the people I knock out are in their homes which I have no intention of going in again after looting. On my stats it says the murder count is 0 (I'm going for the non-lethal achievement) but these NPC folk always turn into corpses about a day after putting them to sleep with either a takedown or a non-lethal weapon, is this supposed to happen? Cheers and a bloody good day to you.
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