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Found 76 results

  1. i have no sound when I turn on the game after the update getting a black screen on loading up page
  2. I’m on the part during letter of transit when you have to lift the quarantine on the broadcast tower in order to get to apple holm station but I’m given no indication on how to enter the health institute to lift quarantine, please help
  3. In Maidenholm for the quest Should Auld Acquaintance, the street that the printing office is on does not load which leaves the door inaccessible to trigger the cut scene. I've tried reloading, leaving the area, and even uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works. I really enjoy the game but, a game stopping glitch is really a damper. Any help would be great.
  4. When talking with the shady dealer he has no inventory. I have loaded and reloaded multiple times. I cannot progress in the main game without the boiler suit.
  5. Yes, I do have mother's burden in my inventory but to have 852 / 150 lbs after I reload my game versus 32/150 that I had prior to reloading my session. This weight glitch even goes on with Aurthur's character when the weight isnt calculated properly.
  6. As title describes, I literally can't do anything. I can load the save into the game, but I can't do anything else, the screen is not frozen, there's movement on wind-on-grass, breeze, etc. But anything else I have no access. Such as accessing menu (by pressing escape), using hot-bar items (pressing F, or 1-4), run, walk or crouch, can't even move camera (mouse). What happened was, I was over-encumbered in my inventory, walked out of the hostile zone on foot, then saved and reloaded the game. After I reloaded, the bug happens and breaks the game. This kinda sucks too, because this happens very early when I'm doing Ollie's quest, on my way to meet him in the train station after returning from the sabotage. Please help. Thanks. [Save]: https://drive.google.com/open?id=193wBALR9l9csWA8xTEum3i97RqhzZlRe
  7. Specific details on what you were doing when it happened (To help replicate it) I obtained the Heinous Package from the cart and headed towards Cutty's Shop. I accidentally dropped the package in front of Cutty's Shop which then caused aggro. I went inside Cutty's Shop, dropped the package, and ran/hid. When I went back to the shop the package was gone. Now I can not complete the objective "Stash the Possibly Heinous Package in the Ash Cart Behind the Butcher's" because the package does not exist anymore. The platform you are playing on (Steam/GOG/Xbox One/PS4/etc) Platform - GOG PC And the current build you are playing (This is found in the bottom right of the main menu/pause screen) V1.3.70168 (Optional) Images or clips can also be useful, but not always necessary
  8. After I use the cannon to open the door to the directors office, the quest does not progress. I got the frammistat but there is no quest progress. The quest neither ends not tells me what to do next. I can’t progress in the main story without this
  9. I am right at the part u must enter the medical institute I believe it’s right after the two doctors inject you with coconut joy and blow themselves up then u must escape the facility all of the infected plague people are running loose anyways I play in ps4 and I cannot proceed the game please fix this bug I bought your game brand new after much anticipation
  10. I can’t get the Future Perfect quest to show up. In the Parade, I went into the Department of Science and Industrial Research. I went around and looted/took out the NPCs before trying to examine the machines. I guess because I picked up the spare parts before examining them, I somehow bugged it? Because I can’t interact with the machines at all. Didn’t even realize coming in here should have triggered a quest until I tried to google the bug - Future Perfect isn’t in my quest list. I can’t progress in the story without this quest... any ideas?
  11. I am having an issue where Mastermind is in my journal, the picture has been triggered, but there is no option to finish it via clicking anything on the wall. It will not let me attempt to solve the puzzle.
  12. I have done EVERYTHING to try and get this quest to trigger and it will not do it. I’ve gone there at all hours of the day and night, went there with every character and started a new game and progressed to it again and still nothing. Shutters are down, can’t ring the bell, can’t interact with anything at the house, nothing. what has to be done to get this to finally work.
  13. It's been a full month and the game is still unplayable. What are you guys doing?
  14. I loaded up my game and it told me to go to the broadcast tower so I did and then it told me to do it again and I’ve looked up the quest and the quest to go into the place with all the machines and the workers won’t appear even when I go into the building but it still lets me pick up the valve ect but won’t let me use anything so I can’t unquarantine anything so I can’t progress with the story? Is this a bug for other people I’m gonna try and load a save before it if it have one. It would be helpful ignored the devs allowed us to no clip like the alpha for things like this not working
  15. Can't get past the baggage claim door when i walk up to it, it opens but there seems to be a large rock?? in the way??? i can't get through. I've tried restarting the mission, I've done the mission so many different ways but it still will not let me through. any help would be appreciated thx
  16. When I went to ‘Visit Harry Cavendish’, the door has sunk into the floor and it won’t allow me to knock the door. This is a main quest so now I can’t go further in the game. After watching tutorials to try and resolve this, the layout of the house is completely different. Playing on PC. Anyone else’s had this?
  17. I've found a solution to the ce-34878-0 error when loading your game! After trying many different things I've found you need to do the following: 1: Eject the game from your PS4 2: Delete the game from your PS4 (not saved data) 3: Power off / on your PS4 4: Insert the game and installation begin 5: Cancel the update file 1.02 from downloading 6: Launch the game once installed from disk (DO NOT UPDATE TO 1.02) 7: Your saved game should now load and complete the current Act and manually save the game (autosave will also update) 8: Once the Act is completed / saved you can update to 1.02 patch and everything should work! This took me a few days to figure out but definitely cures the issue until it's patch for good in 1.03 or above (future updates)
  18. Can anyone help, please? Since the update on the 18th August, the option to load saved game isn't on the main menu or the paused menu. It let's you save on the paused screen but once you come out and then try to go back in theres only a new game option. Playing on PC through steam. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
  19. I just got to the Parade District yesterday, and today I cannot load any of my saves - the game crashes every time the load screen finished. I have the most recent update.
  20. so after my endless nightmare of loading my bugged save for the "future perfect" i decided to load a save 20 minutes earlier to the last save. now i load inside the studio mans house in the parade, technically his basement. i need to flip the switch but the switch is not interactable. which means the mission tied to it ( i dont know the missions name and i see no point in loading my file) the mission is bugged. well isn't that perfect. i have come to my conclusion that the entire randomly generated "the parade" is impossible to progress past. if anyone reads this and you are either about to enter the parade or need a cautionary tale on your immediate future. STOP!!!!! and don't progress until the compulsion team fixes this mess of a game. i can talk all day about the state of gaming in our generation of gaming but ill just leave you with this. compulsion, there was a time when a customer bought a video game the game was for the "MOST" part complete. the company debugged their games prior to launch, play tested it, and released it when it was ready. your not the first to fall for the "make a game that's only 50% finished and patch the rest later "method but you have become easily in my eyes the worst offender in recent memory. you can blame EA or no mans sky for their unfinished products but at the end of the day. their games worked they played well enough to actually progress. WE HAPPY FEW is the exception. i stated this before in my last post. i have never played a more broken game than this one. mainly because i stay away from kickstarter games. but i decided to take a chance on you and your idea of a psychotropic anti depressant romp through a pseudo lax version of london. the bioshock aesthetic to it was just beautiful and the plot sold me. but as much as i want to keep tearing you as a company a new one. i just want this game fixed. because as stated above i love this games concept. its so quirky and fun. the combat is sufferable enough to get through and the copy and pasted NPC can be looked over. but these avalanche of bugs need to be addressed. amd you might wanna get a patch out soon. the fall starting line up is about to hit and believe me this game will be all but forgotten by then. unless you step your game up (literally) i want and your fans want it. so do the right thing. im playing on playstation 4 my build is ver.
  21. I cannot get past the puzzle where you arrange the machines to shoot a hole in the wall. The lever has completely disappeared into the desk and I cannot use it to activate the machines. Because of this I cannot progress the main story quests. Please help!
  22. I have been trying to do all the achievements and I'm currently on Sally's story trying to collect all her memories for the remember remember achievement and I only have one left to get which is the what boys want memory however after I saved Eddie Macmillan I went to the corner pub but the quest the framers wont start even after I talk to him. It's just like talking to any other npc. Am I doing something wrong?
  23. hi, so i have a few issues with the game so far but mainly its the frame rate. the frame rate drops anytime i am near any town. it drops when i am garden district around the buildings a bit but when i am in the main towns were the cops are and the buildings new and everywhere the frame rate is so bad that it just takes you out of it completely. i dont understand how it can be so bad when in game preview it ran quite well. i know a patch came out just a few days ago so i hopped it would be fixed and does run better in areas with low population but everywhere else it is quite annoying to the eyes. so sadly till this gets fixed i still wont be able to play it as it sucks the joy out of it.(see what i did there? joy? ok.)
  24. So some of the missions on the ps4 I have been playing have been glitching. For an example I can not complete the treehouse quest since the box is turned towards the wall and can not talk to him or barter. Another example is the hive mind quest I am not able to pick up any of the honey from the tree. I have tried restarting the game by closing it and reopening it but nothing works.
  25. I just downloaded the game on PS4 and I have it installed, but when i try to start a new game it takes me to a screen that says "BEGIN" and the only option I can choose is "NOT YET." I've reinstalled the game, I've updated my playstation and restarted it, I have over 150GB of storage and nothing I try is working or helping. Please help.
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