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  1. I'm replaying the game, and this where the bugs I couldcould catch. I'll post later about the others acts. Xbox 1 Version 1.4/1.5 The menu: cinema If you pause the video for approximately five minutes, the subtitles are gone and I think they aren't in sync with the video (sometimes is rushing and some other dragging) Borrow Holm Arthur clImbed and he sank on the floor. When he got out I could see his hands moving while walking (which I think looks cool) and when he was digging it looked shapeless. It all fix when entering to the headboy camp (it's also great that the bugs can fix themselves when loading) Eel Pie Holm Sometimes some herbs (specially the "serbia") cannot be picked up. When getting out of the house refuge it seems to be a little lag. (it happened to me a lot, even in version 1.3). Also while walking (on a random place of the holm) it seemed to happen the same thing. On the mission The Still of the Night, the description of the action changes language, in my case English instead of Spanish When finding the quest duck soup, Arthur says the line, but after that he spontaneously says it's again. This happen just one time. But when digging the chest wasn't there, it appeared until the third digging. Maidenholm In the refugee the bobbies appear like they are alive when they are dead. In the night sometimes there are footprints when there's no one. When loading the game it sounds like a Tesla turbine is activated. The scene where you talk with Lightbearer for the first time it does not have subtitles This is kind of a question and if not its a very important bug to fix. I can't remember the name of the quest, but is when you learn to make the rubber suit. This is my second time playing it and I couldn't find the quest. I searched all over the place St George Holm In the refugee rains inside the house. Same in Haworths Lab In the queue "El mozo del carnicero" when you try to talk to an impatient person it doesn't play the video. Instead it's like just any other PNJ Investigating the Haworth's lab when you find the subjects you start hearing people cheering for Lightbearer. Doing the meatboy quest, when carrying Ed I trow him and suddenly I did a massive jump to the sky and fell (obviously I had critical damage) While robbing the house of the doctors the subtitles went crazy. And a Doctor is in the middle of the table. And it still changes the language in some instructions. Parade It is supper complicated to load a save game being here. While loading the game, the bar was full and it was all normal but when Arthur was supposed to appear it all was black. It happened 3 times already, it didn't when I saved at St George. Malpractice of Doctors, when entering the health institute the subtitles didn't shown. In the last scene the subtitles are in Spanish and English. Everywhere Sometime when I try to neutralize someone, when I approach them they are already dead. When talking to a pnj the get sunk and get stuck in the same place but the animation of walking still works The subtitles don't show up correctly, in other words you cannot read when you hear/watch Uncle Jack Crash When carrying the meatboy to deliver the packages (the pub was too far in my map). Í was walking when suddenly crashed.
  2. Hello, I recently completed this wonderful game and would like to report some bugs I experienced, mainly to do with subtitles. (I played in English, but next I am also curious to check out the Japanese localisation, so I suppose later I could report again if I experienced the same issues on a different language setting) Platform: PC (GOG) Version: I began my save file on the launch version; but played most of the game (including starting acts 2/3) in the latest 1.4.71191 version Screenshots: I have some screenshots of most of these (I took them so I could note where the issues were). I have only uploaded the ones that seem particularly relevant/useful to have a visual for to me, but I can probably upload any others if desired. Missing Subtitles -During the quest "Sympathy for the Lightbearer", the cutscenes from mid-way through had no subtitles (the one where Nick is first encountered and the one in the bathroom). -During the quest "The Church of Simon Says", for the cutscenes in the church it did not display any subtitles for the elderly lady's dialog. It still subtitled things like <applause> for some reason. -During the quest "A Malpractice of Doctors", the opening cutscene to the Wellington Health Institute did not have any subtitles for the PA announcements -The "Home Again" mask scene doesn't have subtitles, including when replaying it on the Theatre menu. Missing Audio (though luckily there was still subtitles) -I'm not sure if this is a 'missing audio' or some other type of problem, but subtitles from the gossiping old ladies in Thomasina house have a very large radius in which they appear, much much further than when the audio does. ---This also has a secondary problem. These lines are (comparatively with other NPC dialogs) very frequent and can appear during the cutscenes. It made a cutscene from "Superb Meat Boy" with an Impatient Person very difficult to follow, because these extra subtitles kept appearing and disappearing, jumping the cutscene dialog lines around. -I had a similar problem in Ollie's act, with some kind of very frequent NPC dialog subtitles (I think it might have been from the Uncle Jack fanclub?), interrupting the quest "No Place Like Home" at Miss Byng's house, including all of the cutscenes. This was particularly frustrating because the extraneous dialog subtitles were rather tonally dissonant with these dramatic/serious scenes. (Image: https://imgur.com/2zijEre) -I did not work out where this dialog about Nick Lightbearer was coming from in Haworth Labs? I thought maybe there was another set of cells I missed, but I couldn't find anything, and the subtitles appeared over a much wider area than the other prisoners'. There were subtitles all the way from the office to the exit hatch. And, I think they didn't appear until after the cutscene with Dr Verloc (because otherwise I would have noticed them similar to the above) (Image: https://imgur.com/MKeORvY and https://imgur.com/WfS4Xd8) -The cutscene where the bobbies take Sally to their office was missing audio (but, it returned for the song and dance cutscene). -I also had an issue at one point, where although there were subtitles when interacting with Gwen, Sally's dialog and Gwen's baby noises had no audio, there was only some fabric rustling noises. Other subtitle-related problems I encountered -Technically, not a 'missing' subtitle, but in the mask scene "Hildegarde" this very long paragraph was only displayed for a short time and disappeared while the audio was only halfway through it. (This happened in the game, where I missed getting a screenshot/don't have a nearby save, and happens when replaying on the Theatre menu) (Image: https://imgur.com/ZWbZsMI) -Same issue, for this subtitle during Sally's encounter with General Byng at the military camp. It doesn't display for very long, and disappears halfway through the audio. (Image: https://imgur.com/HBIoU24) -During the quest "The House of the Inventor", the first cutscene outside Dr Faraday's house has a 'blank' line of a subtitle marker with no text. It's luckily not altogether missing, as the text for that dialog was included in the next line displayed. (Image: https://imgur.com/vkLDgCD) -The cutscene where Sally notices Gwen has measles, had a 'stuck' subtitle that stayed and partially obscured the bottom line of text. (Image: https://imgur.com/QdQZPnZ) Other text-related issues -The text display of this poster on the wall in Nick Lightbearer's house is showing something completely different. It has the same problem in Sally's act, though if you move the cursor much lower, it will bring up the proper text. (Image: Arthur https://imgur.com/PNpyvWt and Sally https://imgur.com/TR2RBxk) -The error text explaining you cannot expand your carrying capacity anymore doesn't appear on the menu/inventory screen, only when you exit out of it again. -This quest encounter ("Bad Dreams") is missing a label on the map. (Image: https://imgur.com/ucN7IED ) -A display issue with this sign in the Uncle Jack fanclub. (Image: https://imgur.com/wQvUvn0) -The cutscene talking to the executive committee has a text overlay. Strangely, afterwards I could not even find the poster or sign it is supposed to be showing text for? (Image: https://imgur.com/9ji1lK1) -There was some minor typos I noticed in the quest log text (other than the deliberate/stylised text). Should I report those too? Things I'm not sure if it was intentional or a bug -After completing the quest "Edie Goes Downer", Arthur's dialog when reloading would be about it, every time to the end of the game. Was that supposed to happen..? I didn't get the impression that quest was such a 'big deal' compared to other events of the story that Arthur would continue to comment on it. -In Ollie's act, towards the later half of the game, when entering a new area that was supposed to start with a brief cutscene, it would briefly show a normal/'playing' view before showing the cutscene. This didn't happen in Sally's or Arthur's acts. -I'm not sure if this view of the mainland is supposed to be like this? Or some kind of world gen/loading issue. It is from Ollie's act so the the world generation was done under the latest version. (I did think it looks kind of cool though, and adds to the un-real feeling of the world outside WW) (Image: https://imgur.com/4z1WqcS) -I'm not sure if this was a bug or a misunderstanding on my part... my impression was that on the easy difficulty, it turned off the survival needs management requirements, but during Sally's act I got some red penalties for being thirsty and hungry? This never happened on Arthur's act, and I wasn't exactly using food/drinks very often. (Image: https://imgur.com/YxW4Sys) -In Ollie's act, I could not craft the "Spiky Suit" due to lacking a Padded Suit, even though I had one? (Is there a different kind of Padded Suit to the basic one for getting honey?) Not a bug, but maybe I could please get some technical advice? For Arthur's act, my framerate was mostly good, around 60fps with drops to 40fps in large/crowded areas. But on Sally's act, I was getting absolutely dreadful framerate drops - down to 20fps - around her house, every time I went near it. Which was very unfortunate, because obviously you have to go there a lot during her story. I ended up rushing through, because that framerate + character movement was making me feel ill. Ollie's act wasn't quite so bad, though the framerate tended to to drop to 30fps sometimes, it wasn't as frequent (and thankfully wasn't making me feel ill). From what I understand, this is a CPU issue, though mine meets the recommended requirements. Right now, my system specs are Intel i5-6500/GTX 1080/16GB RAM. But, I was planning to upgrade in the near future to an Intel i7-7700K. Is that likely to make a difference, especially to the issue around Sally's house? I really want to play her story again, and take my time. Thanks for reading all of this, I hope at least some of it was useful information. I am looking forward to the next update and the upcoming DLC
  3. Machine: Xbox One 1TB Version: 1.4.7 Arthur's chapter went very well! Only crashed once or twice. Sally's chapter, however, is a bit buggier. Bugs so far: Frequent Game Crashing: This is different than the crashing experienced pre-1.4. The screen usually goes black, there's no audio, and it eventually kicks me to the home screen. It usually accompanies a message from XBL asking if I have rights to the game, to insert the disc, or to purchase the game to own it. This might be a problem on Microsoft's side, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I do not currently own a paid XBL membership. Loading Screens: It seems Sally's world is very resource heavy. I go a few blocks from her door and I'm hit with a loading screen. A few more blocks, another loading screen. They're most frequent in the Joy districts. See-Through Walls? It's possible that one of the walls in her house is see-through, reminiscent of the bug with the Thomasina house. The up side is NPCs can't se me, but if someone is dead inside Sally's lab they react outside on the street. [old lady angrily yodeling] Failed to Start: While changing the nappy, the game froze. No audio cues of a crash, just frozen. I manually quit the game, and upon trying to load it the Xbox threw an error about the game taking too long to start. Then my Xbox restart. Might be on their end, not sure. I'll take notes as I play and either add to this list or create another thread once I get farther into things. Keep in mind all of this has happened within 1-2 hours of Act II, so I haven't made much progress at all.
  4. so just a few feedback. 1. in the inventory it would be nice that when I select weapon on the character page. to select the tab for weapons. (same with hat, body, shoes.) 2. a benefit for making items at a workbench compared to out in the field. example making healing balm requires two plants. (forgot there names. :P) But with the workbench requires one healing balm. or makes two for the price of one. 3. when knocking out someone from behind. if you hold the Y button (on xbox) you remain standing whilst carrying the body. making you detected instantly in most cases. 4. have one shovel weigh half. second shovel weighs regular. 5. a tutorial page for items and gameplay mechanics. that updates as they appear. (I still don't know how to get skill points. I think from quests. but I"m not sure :P) 6. hiding in cars is a little wonky. you try to get in. but it just gives the option to close trunk. 7. the not so jolly brolly. seems to have trouble with it's knockback. (RS stick-click.) it does the animation. but unless you are body to body. won't affect your enemy. 8. ability to craft more then one item at a time. 9. a slightly bigger courser. Full courser is still too small. (for me at least.) 10. sometimes when trying to non-lethally defeat an enemy he is dead from falling down. OR when reloading a save all enemies who were knocked out are now decease. (I.e. when you strangle them from behind.) 11. an blueprint ping item for sale. pings and pulse to closes blueprint. (I can't believe I missed the Caltrop recipe.) 12. all the player to ping items they need for a recipe. and to show up in a little box at the bottom left of the screen. 13. add a FOV option to console versions. 14. books to increase lockpick speed. 15. add uber-boss/super boss fights for masochistic players. 16 add gambling. (personally I like slot machines and an arena. that you can fight in or bet on a team.) or just a simple game of rock paper scissors etc etc. 17 allow fast back to last hideout./nearest unlocked hideout. 18 add item booster you can craft to increase luck/item find/shillings drops/enemy spawn rate/ enemy spawn type. etc etc. 19 add a comical super chicken bat. that when swung makes a chicken noise. and shoots out an egg when swung. that explodes in confetti. temporally stunning enemies. (for like .6 seconds.) 20. allow two weapons to be equipped. when you have you weapon selected (in your hands. out) hold (xbox one) RB+D-Pad to select one of two (or four) weapons. (personally I like to keep a stun weapon just in case. but it sucks in the middle of a fight when your weapon breaks.) Well that's all I can think of right now. I really do enjoy this game. you guys did a great job. I pre-order the deluxe and I am so excited for the DLC. keep it up guys and gals. you are such a JOY to make this game. :3 :3 :3 )
  5. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.3.70168 Mode: ACT I - Arthur / Hard Mode Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels GAMEPLAY There have been serious flaws in the treatment of the difficult mode (not very different from the normal mode) that have ruined the gaming experience. Frankly, I found it more rewarding in the "Vigilante" mode of the EA. The needs of sleep, thirst and hunger are only seen when they are at 0%, no warning if they reach 20% Eating a potato or a pie makes no difference: we will always be 100% satisfied in a moment, making survival at the garden district superfluous with spoiled food or vomiting tea. In fact, the few rare good resources that we will find will be enough to give us time to reach the Village and its good food. The same applies to the thirst, which has bypassed the need to conquer the fountains at the garden district or having to filter the water with Joy taken from the taps. Sleep behaves exactly like Birdwatching: just a cup of tea (which also quenches your thirst) or a single hour of sleep to stay awake anyway. the malus proposed for thirst, hunger and sleep are not transitory or in line with the percentage of need, which instead happened in the EA in the stamina depending on how much sleep the protagonist required. fast travels always require 1 hour of travel, and this is rather annoying in terms of realism. If a time-meter system to be implemented was implemented, it would already be more coherent. it is unnatural to be able to use all the doors with the simple selection on the map. it could be fine for the easy and normal modes, but for the difficult mode it is necessary to restore the need to physically reach the nearest door to teleport, just as it happened in EA, in order to really perceive the difficulty of going from an island to the other. Dying (unless permadeath is activated) does not imply any real defect: there are no loss of resources or handicaps, it guarantees us a reset of what we were going to do in an area. On the contrary, it would be consistent if resources are lost in the inventory and in the pneumatic safe at every death (not permadeath). The spankers on the street that identify the downers are not a real threat, nor why you should fear them passing in front. nobody understands the alarm of the car. this is another reason that encourages us not to take joy. It would be advisable that when the machine is operated, the citizens around it start at least to have suspicions towards us. I did not have many reasons to take the joy, all things considered, except rare exceptional (to access a mandatory area) or accidental (surprise gas) I hope to take measures as soon as possible for this mode, which at present I feel like I have to reject. the only elements consistent with the difficult way were the amount of damage from the NPCs and the care provided by the various medical products. STORY Reviewing the story of Arthur, there is a rather unclear direction on some points: The Faraday house in Act 1 was officially moved to Lud's Holm. However, in the chapters of Sally and Ollie the house is located in Maidenholm, and the thing disorients not a little in terms of directing. The epilogue fully confirms that all three acts are the same story on 3 different points of view. We can overlook the fact that the city is different between one act and another, but not much on this particular. You could create a house for Faraday in Maiden Holm that also forced Sally and Ollie to join her in the Garden District. It is quite appropriate that every protagonist has his vision of the facts, what he hears and what he perceives. The thing is very successful with Ollie who is distracted when talking with his Margaret, making cuts of dialogue justifiable. The same can not be said, however, regarding Sally-Arthur. it is almost understandable that for reasons of gameplay it was necessary to choose specific places for Arthur and Sally, but it was somewhat disorienting. a note more out of tune is not the way you leave the first time, but as is the case with Sally's confession. it is perhaps the most important element that was not ignored. The director could be remedied in this way: Act I (garden district): Sally yells something to Arthur while he is leaving ("I have a child"), but he does not hear her because of a madman running in the street screaming and covering Sally's words. Act II (Sally's house): Sally confesses to having a baby, but at that moment the laboratory alarm sounds for an emergency (a chemical reaction going on?). the alarm covers Sally's voice in the ears of Arthur, and she has doubts whether he has left her listening to his confession or not. I do not know if you have the means to change this basic structure of the game, but I think it is important not to disorient the player in following the story without making the "parallel universes" individual acts. I do not know if you have the means to change this basic structure of the game, but I think it is important not to disorient the player in following the story without making the "parallel universes" individual acts. A rather annoying fact is that the various letters that can be found in the islands are all the same between one act and another. It would be interesting if they change the content, thus allowing the scriptwriters to broaden their vision, their stories in Wellington Wells as they prefer, perhaps even drafts of letters previously discarded. Finally, many players have several questions: what happened to Miss Byng, Verloc and Jack Worthing? Why did the Germans want the children? Why do not cars have wheels? Who was the policeman of Act I who torments Arthur's past? it's different from others. I hope that in the next DLC there will be explanations to these things. QUESTS Hive mind: impossible to recover honey Mysterious Chest: the chest of witches is not very incisive. maybe you can make offers, exchanges. What we buried: boring. It was better what was in the EA with the downer looking for the chest without remembering it well. it also makes little sense to make this mission available for all three acts. Holy yam does not give any real benefit. or rather, it is not declared anywhere. besides the celebrants do not look for any guilty once they have regained their senses. leech of lunar juice: why does the mission fail if we have already listened to the bobbies? Even if they find us rummaging through the body or killing them, the mission will be marked as failed. At the Mysterious house, there are no clues that indicate that I must play the piano to open the bookstores and take the Sanitol. In the house of the colonel's friend, strangers always enter without permission. it makes no sense to put the Reform Club sheet and the suit in Gemma's house if we have already done that mission in history. In the EA, being a "house of curious behavior" a secondary mission, one could very well get an invitation and a suit at Gemma's house and then use them in the private club;) in the Gemma office, there's a tape recorder. why not put an audio? it would have been interesting to have a gem-like note. LOCALIZATIONS The same inconveniences of previous feedback. A gallery of untranslated texts. On steam the archivement is not translated. NOTES The latest video of Uncle Jack and The video of Uncle Jack in the house of the future (1984) do not appear in the Teatrhe menu Replaying the act I realized that there is no fundamental element to the randomness of the procedural world: there are the same missions! In the EA the great thing about exploring the maps was to find always different missions. I miss the variety of different missions in the final game, especially those related to bridges, which required different requirements to overcome them. I hope it is intended for sandbox mode. there are no differences between a dead and a fainted character, which is very serious for those who want a soft application in the game. the gas mask consumes too slowly The citizens of the garden district and the parade do not do anything special if they do not walk. I saw more street activities in the village. To enter Hamlyn for the first time: what's the point of the quiz? whatever way you answer, you can always log in. make power ups or serious debuffs: depending on how many mistakes the shock has been made, if you are wrong, you are killed. moreover, personal objects can not be recovered, there is simply a deposit of the objects already present in the safe. Inside the jubiliator there is no difference for what you do, it is noiso and you wait by pressing random buttons, for no reason. it would be appropriate if you create obstacles in which the Jubiliator does something (suck up grazers who occupy the rails, climbs that require a spin or doors that can only be opened with the horn) It makes no sense for Arthur to have the garden district alarm traps if the tool to remove them will only have it in the Parade (practically at the end of Act I) Among the images of development there was the burning pan, but I have not seen it among the possible crafting elements so far. It would be appropriate in the diary to divide the personal notes of the main story (they describe the feelings of the protagonists) from those of the documents found on the street. Ethyl alcohol has too few uses in the game at present but it is too much in the garden district it is almost useless to consider damaged objects useful for crafting. it is absurd not to be able to damage the peepers with darts: they are balloons at the back. In the village should be forbidden to rummage in garbage bins, is tantamount to stealing. Madame Wanda is not as red as EA, it was a very important trait to make her unique in the game. TIPS NOTE FEEDBACK the clothes are eternal, once they are obtained they make superfluous the necessary elements to sew them. However it would be interesting if all the clothes have a consumption bar that causes damage to the clothes when you are hit or when you climb / land too many times, thus getting rags. Furthermore, shoes wear very slowly and are not criticized for wearing them in the garden district. The parade is very nice ... but also boring. There are no secondary missions within it, we do not know the inhabitants of the place and there are no pretexts to explore the high class lifestyle. Even the Chippy market is rather boring, merchants offer very little merchandise. Missions could also be implemented at the Memorial Victory The secondary dens are all the same. they would instead be excellent places to create secondary guests. Why is it not possible to handle the weapons of the doctors? they break unnaturally. You could create something nice for Arthur's office by making it accessible: depending on how we handled the Clive editor, we could see if he was busy or fired. the map seems overflowing when the counter icons are included. it would be sufficient to implement a pop-up window when pointing to the icon of the den or house, just as when the descriptions of the place appear. the bonus Jolly Brolly from the beginning seems more a power up too convenient for the purchase. it would be interesting if in the Jolly Brolly bonus there is instead a mission that allows to conquer it;) the protagonists do not know how to prepare tea or juice from the beginning, which would be very useful in the garden district gameplay if it were set well in the needs (see notes at the beginning of post) ...: tea: water, tea leaves, filter and teacup juice: 15 blue currants, empty pills jar. it could be difficult to implement food perishability, a sort of countdown for it when we collect it. If it is not consumed in time it becomes rotten. it would be interesting to return the machines of compliments, but they reveal our state (if we do not have Joy or sunshine) to the public or reveal our position to bobbies at night. Stealing the batteries or turning them off is tantamount to public transgression. NEXT TEST STEPS OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 1 Arthur Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) NEXT STEP Act 2-3 Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  6. Sally cannot use knockout syringes. Though I have many in my inventory, when I sneak up behind someone the text next to the triangle says, "Must have a knockout syringe." There is no lock to pick when trying to go upstairs after delivering Peachy to the puppet troupe. Not a bug, but an irritation- I am at the quest to go to Ravenholm and have only one canteen. I have searched houses, waste bins and rubbish piles without finding another canteen.
  7. I have been waiting for this game for a while now, along with many people, and love the game when it works, which has been rare lately. Game is constantly crashing or freezing when fast traveling, doing certain actions, or when traveling certain routes. When I noticed a route was crashing I would take a different way, but now I have no other option because I’m doing the main quest line for Arthur and there’s only one way forward. I’m trying to get to the lab and right before I get to the bridge it crashes. I’ve tried multiple times and it is the same result. I don’t want to start over. Other times I noticed it crashing was like I said when I try fast traveling, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Crashes at random. The other time I noticed is when you blow the bobby whistle the game freezes. Can we expect an update soon to fix all of these crashing issues, I would love to get back to the game. Thanks!!
  8. I would like to not have to type in certain console commands, like "r.BloomQuality=0" (which removes bloom), each time I start the game. Is there an .ini I can add cvar's to, or a seperate file that needs to be created? Thanks
  9. I’m playing on PS4 build v1.1.69541 Issue #1 - When fast traveling from a open hatch, not all unlocked track locations are available in the left side menu, and strangely, on a reload of the game different hatches appear in the side menu. It is inconsistent. The name also does not always match with the location. I can, however, travel to all unlocked hatches via the map, so this is not a big deal. Issue #2 - The maidenholm hatch is inaccessible for fast travel because I am unable to secure the area and flip the switch. I turned off the electricity, turned the valve to drain the water, turned the electricity back on, but it doesn’t work. I tried a restart of the game, flipping the electricity on and off again, and still no go. This is a little frustrating since there are no other fast travel locations in town. Issue #3 - I’ve experienced a similar issue in a Lud’s Holm safehouse. I cannot get the lights to turn on. Using the valve causes an animation of it turning, but absolutely nothing happens after. I cannot interact with it again afterwards. Restarting the game allowed me to interact with the valve again, however, nothing happens still. Some other minor issues unrelated to track access hatches: - inventory sometimes appears empty - status/passive effects list sometimes shakes, making it difficult to read - completed items on the map do not disappear until a game restart - occasionally people will disappear and reappear in a different location. This was very apparent in the first cellar I entered - occasionally people float in midair, while standing in place - game crashes randomly. It happened a few times in the mystery house and I yam what I yam, which makes me wonder if it’s more likely to occur after ingesting the hallucinogen.
  10. My System: PS4 Pro We Happy Few Build: v1.169541 Here is a list of bugs that I have had the displeasure to have come across: 1. Hive Mind-Cannot harvest honey with padded suit on. 2. Duck Soup, found the rubber duck, took it back, no one wanted to talk to me, proceeded to takedown everyone out of frustration. 3. Shocking Revelation(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot Secure the location after draining the water and putting the power back on. 4. Meet the Neighbours(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot turn on power, turned wheel valve, nothing happens, cant use shelter.
  11. Hello, dear developers! I'm stunned of how incredible this game is, after 47 hours playing it, I just finished and decided to write down some feedback for you guys, 'cause it's a lovely day for it I'm most used to FPS and storytelling games, so keep this in mind while you read it, please. Act 1 - Really good story-depth, Arthur is the most complete character of all three; - The skill tree makes a lot of sense, but I think Arthur needs some negative skills as the others characters; - Butcher's quest is amazing, most of the side quests are! - Sally has Gwen, Ollie has diabetes, Arthur also needs something to make us stop sometimes to give it attention. Act 2 - Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Sally's skills at the beginning of her gameplay; - I loved the baby's needs and burden making me turn back sometimes, for real! - It's weird that the encounter with Arthur to get the cod liver oil happens in Sally's house in act 1 and in another place during the second act. I think it would be great to make it happen, in both acts, in the same place, in the garden district - I didn't manage to craft every item Sally can, 'cause most the ingredients only were accessible almost at the end of the act - I was confused after visited the doctor's house, 'cause Sally said she might move with Gwen over there, but nothing happened towards this - Amazing witches' quest - At the last mission, while I'm carrying Gwen, I think it was too easy to just fast-travel to the air raid shelter and from there, move to the boat. Not sure what to do about that. Also, I was almost sure the soldier that was tinkering with the boat got the plague and was waiting for me with Gwen, maybe that would be cool! - In the boat location, there is a door with the same lever as in the shelters. Thought it was going to be useful, but I can't interact with, so why having it there? - I think the beginning of Sally's story is amazing, the best one, with everybody calling you and asking for drugs or answers in the message-tube thing! But from there to the almost ending of the act, I think it's noticeable that you just "need to hurry up and finishes up so we can start the last act", like, the beginning was more interesting than the ending - There is one shelter, the darkest one with guys with plague (the one Arthur manages to fix the fences). After activating it, the lights did not turn on. Act 3 - Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Ollies' skills at the beginning of his gameplay. Also, Ollie needs others unique skills to upgrade to, as the other characters have; - I would like more situations making me going into places that requires me to use the multi-tool. I was desiring using it in the other acts, so when I got it, with Ollie, I thought it would be more useful than it really was; - Few side-quests. Also, it needs an "outside of the box quest" as the butcher or the witches ones. Maybe something like giving the colonel's a proper burial? - Arthur and Sally often interacts with each other during the Acts 1 and 2, but during the 3rd act, we do not have that possibility, only at the beginning, in the first cutscene. I would like to interact a little bit more with the others while playing as Ollie! - What an ending, gentlemen! Amazing!! - At the start of the act, in the roof, there is a red crate inside some wood planks, but i did not manage how to access it even with a jimmy bar! - Loved the diabetes thing! But never managed to craft the syringe that decreases the blood sugar level. Also, I found a blindspot in the trees with the bees to harvest the honey without being stinged. I'm not sure if that was intended. - After the quest for the shadow dealer, the guy and the girl in front of Lionel's store (his dealers) were trapped forever (the guy was stunned and the girl was on top of the wall prop), also, the red constable that I trashed was in Lionels store, standing normally, but with the status "deceased". I even managed to talk with him, then I couldn't do it again. - What happened to the SOE guy?? - I think Ollie needs to comment something when he enters the old ladies house to get the cats and sees the crates with the nazi symbols. Epilogue -I think it needs a better transition to Arthur again. Maybe the first act must end with the constable giving him the option to get the pill and he keeps staring it. Then fades out. Then the epilogue would make more sense. Loved Ollie's ending. I think Sally's last cutscene should be of her saying "oh, there is land ahead!" or disembarking withGwen. General things - I think you guys know this, but the game has some problems with subtitles: during the theatre movies, in the menu, the subtitles are not synced. At the Epilogue, there are not subtitles at all. In some quests, it's bugged to. - Also, there are bugs in a lot of quests - I think all districts need to explorable by all characters - It was really easy to do not catch the plague or infections. So best first aid kits and antiseptic bandages were not useful. - Loved the thematic of the game, the depth of the story, the colours and sound! - Joy was useless after accessing Sunshine. I think there should be some barriers that notices if you're on Sunshine or Joy - Would be cool if you could be addicted to phlash and some other chems if you uses it too much. That would help the player to appreciate more the scenarios and everything - Loved the brolly weapons heheh - Make the Parade District having some side quests, please! I think that's all. Thank you again for this amazing game
  12. 1. Hive Mind: Can't harvest honey, even with a padded suit. 2. Tree House: Craft a "Suit Of Blending". I've completed the quest all the way to the last part, which is "craft a suit of blending". I've crafted 2 and still have the promt to craft a suit of blending. I've even tried to wear one and return to the tree house LOL. 3. Future Perfect: After "Align The Machines To Blast A New Door" you are to pull the handle and finish this. The handle disappeared and the quest can't be completed, which is so far a game breaker due to I can't find another way to continue this story.
  13. We Happy Few has a lot going for it including a groovy art syle, intriguing plot and characters, and engaging gameplay systems.The problem is that the game runs terribly on PS4 PRO and suffers from a host of annoying bugs and glitches, ranging from mildly annoying to game breaking. The frame rate chugs along, often dipping well below 30 fps, which is odd because I know the PS4 Pro can do way more than this game seems like it would demand. I can only imagine the dumpster fire this is on the base Xbox One. A number of quests are bugged so that you cannot complete them. Icons stay on the map even after you finish the mission, The sad thing is I am not sure if that is some sort of feature or another bug. You will get stuck in scenery and enemies and corpies will often freak out and do crazy glitchy stuff. The bottom line is this game was rushed to market because August is realistically the last month this year this game could hope to compete. it seems they felt they had to get it out. As a result the reviews are terrible and sales in turn will be terrible, threatening promised future content and patches. Its a shame because the core game itself is pretty good. I have read devs saying a patch will be along in the coming WEEKS. That really isn’t good enough. Who even knows if they will fix everything or if you will have to start a new game once (if) they actually patch this crap because old saves will probably be irredeemably broken. We shouldnt be walking on eggshells trying to pray we can get through an up to 80dollar game. I can already smell Gearbox and Compulsion trying to cut the cord on this. Sad. The devs probably wont even respond to this because they know its all true. i suggets everyone go to their retailer and ask for their money back.
  14. Hi, don't know if some of these are already reported but here are some bugs: Bugged quests: Mysterious chest: cannot be finished keeps looping Hivemind: can't collect honey Crazy legs: can be finished put it pops up again once you return to the area with noway to recomplete it Bugged mask collectible: Germany (Arthur) doesn't register, if you go back to it's place the mask isn't there anymore Possible uncle jack shows bugged: NEWS HOUR PSA DOWNERS - I HEAR YOU WORD OF THE DAY - FUNNY OLD CUSTOMS PINATA they're either bugged for me or just won't spawn Also can't scroll down the notes anymore past the jubilators derby note.....can't see the statitistics anymore....
  15. While playign I've detected few bugs The first one was whe I was walking around and tried to jump an abanoned roof and I got stuck between a wall and the roof, and Arthur was like falling all over again. I had to reload it. The second one is when you are picking the flowers, sometimes it wouldn't let me take them and sometimes the indicator is still on even though I've already taken them. And for the third one, is important to let you know I'm playing it in Spanish, so I'll say the name of the mission in Spanish. Getting to the point, I was doing "Hermanos de Sangre" the part of the bunker, while digging on the back of the island I found the mission "En el silencio de la noche" which depends on making "alcohol extraño", the thing is at the moment I couldn't find the "seta de histoplasma" so all I did was heating the oven, put water and sugar and went to other island to search them, obviously failed and I returned to the island of the bunker and found the "seta de histoplasma", so I put them but it didn't count, so I don't know what to do, I already filled like 10 bottles of the licour and still doesn't count.
  16. Hey, first up, loving this game! I just have some Issues with certain quests and the map. 1. More of a question than a bug. Mysterious Chest: This quest doesnt and, it resets everytime I open the chest and take the loot, is tat supposed to be that way? 2. Moon juice leech: I wanted to search the body and got cought, people chased me. So I ran away. The Questitem "search the body" turnd read and is crossed of but the quest stays in the questlog. When i returned and search the body unseen, nothing happend. Quest is still read and crossed of. 3. hivemind: I cant't take the honey from the tree. I had put on the padded suit. Other trees are no problem, this Quest-tree doesnt work, tried numerous angles, but I have no oppertunity to take the honey. 4. Finished Quests, Questmarkers and digging spots don't vanish from the map. Only after a restart of the gaame, they are gone I play an an Xbox One X, Buildnumber 1.1.69578 I hope this is the right Threat to adress this, couldn't find out if this stuff is already posted. Greets and thanks for the Game!
  17. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866* Mode: ACT II - Sally / Normal Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics *WARNING: CG will release a We Happy Few hotfix soon, so I hope this topic will help developers to see further notes that have escaped the revisions. In the Sally act I did not find any bugs that prevented me from completing all the proposed missions, however there were countless situations of graphic glitches more or less serious to solve (maybe they are due to the system of generating worlds). Moreover, compared to Arthur I found more omissions of translation in non-Anglo-Saxon languages, seeing the dialogue still in English. I used the steam screenshots, but some parts did not come to photograph them. Further verification of translated and non-translated texts will follow in the future. QUESTS COMPLETED Goodbye to all that / Alterations / What have we buried / Flower Picking / Bring out your dead / The vandals took the handle / wild picnic / mine mine all mine / peachy's final mission / Bad Dreams / Wakey wakey / Don't gry over tinned milk / Keep the home fires burning / Baby Feeder / Home cooking / Baby transport / Ouf, damn spots / connect te dots / Millihelen / Ratholm / Bad chemistry / Gland of hope and glory / The weird sisters / Hope chest / Squaring the circle / Reservations / Ex cathedra / The framers / The salty dog / So dfoul and Faraday / Unsafe house / A sea change GRAPHIC GLITCHES Priority: In "Reservations" the window is aesthetically barred, but you can actually cross it. I discovered it only thanks to the interaction of the space bar, but I felt stuck at that moment. The model of the wooden planks must be removed from the open window. Some butterflies in Maidenholm and St. George remain visible in the parks although they have already been harvested. There were a lot of graphical glitches (there are many on YT) about the positions of the NPCs, even when patrolling an area they suddenly disappeared to reappear later at the staging point. Example in Nick House LOCALIZATION ERRORS Maybe it's a problem with the internal files, and it's not that (functionally speaking) prevents you from completing the game, but for those who do not speak fluent English it's quite annoying to have untranslated parts in the final version of the game. It therefore requires greater attention in reporting the lines of text and correcting them, perhaps their own prizes to the help of the community. Here are some recurring examples. Not everyone speaks English ? Urgent: the subtitles of the kinematics in which Sally discovers that Gwen has the measles is not displayed. FEEDBACK NOTES When automatic milk is installed, Gwen becomes completely independent. I can understand, however, that it becomes milk, but I do not understand why it also becomes for the diaper. It is necessary to give the milk manually to make the need for diaper change appear in Gwen, which makes the situation somewhat inconsistent. it would therefore be advisable for Gwen to solve the milk problem only, while for the diaper it may be better if it occurs simply less often than what can happen without automatic milk. What Sally propose the bag even before the servant really sounds very unnatural, but maybe it is you who is very farsighted. Maybe it's time to make this tick needs only after solving the mission of the ingredients for blackberry. I can understand the choices of direction on the variations of events between Arthur and Sally on how they meet, but I would like to know if it is a choice to make sure that in the Arthur Act there is no mention of the girl in their last meeting while in the Sally Act she confesses to Arthur of Gwen and this ignores him: perhaps every act exclusively takes the perception of each character? Did not Arthur really hear Sally telling her about the baby? I noticed a strange map formation at st.George: is it expected to happen or was it just a case? I personally like this double-lane square, but I wanted to know for sure if it was a premeditated setting in the generation of worlds or it was a (pleasant) case. The Sally pituitary extractor is very useful as a weapon, but I wonder if it is consistent that functions without the need for an empty can to contain the pituitary. Often I have made more use of the extractor than KO syringes and I wonder if this thing is not too "comfortable" to do. Both with Sally and Arthur I quickly reached the maximum limit of the expandable inventory, and I would like to ask if it is not the case to automatically convert the object into pieces of cloth, just to make it more useful in its use. I noticed too often NPC that remain impaled doing nothing is in the Garden District that in the Village, they simply stand still staring at one point. In the village I noticed many, too many similar grannies. I ask therefore if it is not the case to create more color palettes for them, they all look like clones. Add some pastel colors, also to make them visibly different, while at Thomasina House leave them all the same white color as a uniform, but with different shades in the hair (gray on the brown, on dark gray etc.). Small note from the gameplay of Arthur: why Madame Wanda is white and not red as in the gameplay in Early access? Frankly I find it both right and consistent that you return in its warm colors, even to distinguish it better in the game. The thing is not consistent for doctors and bobbies as not being civilians wear a uniform, justifying their appearance as clones. About the compliments machines: why can not we steal the batteries from them and rely on them as unseemly public action? Further note the death: there is no handicap in dying, even at times is also an advantage in doing so to escape from an awkward situaizone. However, I would like to suggest as a penalty the loss of skill points (1 or more depending on the difficulty selected) or the halving of the HP of consumption resources. for example, if we had a 100% hp weapon, after death we could find it at 50%. and the same is the picklock, crowbar etc. NEXT TEST STEPS OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) NEXT STEP Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) SOON Difficult mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  18. I am playing We Happy Few on Xbox One. The Build is v1.1.69578 . I hope I don’t sound angry in this post! I bought the game when it first released as a game preview and I have loved it since! I have encountered many bugs, but I had never stopped me from playing. Currently, I have put the game down due to these bugs because my current play data is unplayable. I hope you guys can find a resolution to these bugs soon so I can get back to playing! Thank you guys for all your hard work! Bug #1 - I cannot save outside. If I save outside, Arthur spawns a nearby bench. And when ever he spawns in a bench, I do not get the option for him to stand up. I can read the newspaper, but that is it. This only happens when I load a data and he starts off sitting on a bench, otherwise this does not happen during sitting while in-game. This makes the saved game useless as I am unable to move the character. I have lost hours on this game due to saving outside. This happens in every part of the map. If he spawns on a bench when I load the game, I am stuck there. (I do not have a picture of this) Bug # 2 - (May contain spoilers) I am so stuck in The Parade. I finished Future Perfect and saved my game sometime after when I started on “A Malpractice of Doctors” quest. For some reason, Aurthur spawned in the Department of Science and Industrial Research. I am now stuck inside the the giant room where Richard Arkwright’s office is. All doors are closed. I can pull the lever to start up the machine and it begins and ends the Future Perfect quest once again (even though it was marked as completed previously), but nothing really happens. I am stuck in the room. (First Picture) Bug # 3 - In an attempt the fix the previous problem, I had loaded a save from the most recent shelter I have visited. For some reason, it has started up Model Citizen again and my last objective says I need to “activate the track access hatch” for this quest even though the hatch has been accessed. (Second Picture)
  19. The following is a list of some issues with the Gadgets, either issues with their descriptions or their listed effects. - Lightning Rod description mentions Tesla coils, rather than the term Spankers - Water Filter is listed as a Gadget, but since you can't use it as an item would it not be a crafting component? (likely because of the Crafting Menu category?) - Polarity Device mentions Tesla coils instead of Spankers in the description
  20. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866 ---> v.1.3.70168 Mode: ACT III - Ollie / Normal Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics The third act showed more or less the same amount of graphic errors as the previously reviewed acts. QUESTS COMPLETED The truth shall set you free / What Happened to Trip Street / Decamped / Jericho / The Jack-o-Bean club / Mount Badon Bridge / No place like home / The cmap of thine enemies / What lies beneath / Manned flight / Sweet spot / The gung hoster / Motilene gives you wings / Ghosts / House to let / Cache as cache can / Crazy Legs / Constabulary Removal / A dead man's best firend / What have we buried / cathouse / Wooden legs Wooden legs - When the crutch is created for Eddie, the mission statement does not announce to deliver it to Eddie, and this for a moment has confused me because I usually confirm a created object, I was afraid it was a bug or that I had to create another object. Only when I gave the crutches to Eddie did I realize that the created object was valid and ready to be delivered. It would therefore be advisable to add as a point "delivery of crutches to Eddie". QUESTS INCOMPLETED Hive Mind - I could not take honey, there was no interaction that would allow it Mysterious Chest - I only had explosions when I opened the box, never a reward. Furthermore, the reset was never interrupted and it was always complete. LOCALIZATION ERRORS I had (again) a very important text left in English .... seriously ... please ... solve location errors, it is becoming too frustrating for foreign players. As in Arthur's final of Act I, the final video of the epilogue (where Arthur does not take the last pill) there are no subtitles, which is very serious for foreign players. Other texts left in English The steam archive section still features all the entries in English, although in Contrast the archivement is correct in the language (Italian). Would you kindly provide for the location of them? GRAPHIC GLITCHES A gallery. Also in the epilogue are missing some graphic elements. In the revelation of the last tape of Jack, there is an annoying error, in which to press the escape stops the game but not the video of Jack, blurring the sync between the audio and the video. The same mistake happens for all the TV in the game when you press escape: the video continues, thus scaling the audio-video sync once you start playing again. I noticed in the directory of the game that there is a loading video even when you enter appleholm and esmerald city. however, only this sequence appears in the game. it's a must-have. Could you adapt this sequence for the parade too? FEEDBACK NOTES I noticed some players asking to be taken back by Sally or Ollie after they had bugs that forced them to start over from the beginning. I think it is appropriate to implement in the game the ability to select the acts when they are unlocked, prorpio as happens in many games that have levels in which you can resume from them once unlocked. It would avoid a lot of inconveniences in the future. On Steam, when will the soundtrack of the game be available as announced? When Ollie has to dress up as a waitress (ha ha), I was a little worried about the request to put a facial tissue. I had my uniform but I did not understand if I had to add something to the head slot. It could be remedied with something credible? Maybe together with the apron a bandage for the face from insertions right to the slot of the head. The bees gun is very slow both to collect them and to spit them out. it would be an interesting object to be used on consumption, but it is impossible to do it being a single shot. could you improve it to use it in addition to the main mission? NEXT TEST STEPS OK Act 1 Arthur - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) here OK Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) NEXT STEP Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) SOON Easy mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location)
  21. I am not entirely sure what I did, but I think it involved loading saves while completing the Shocking Carelessness quest. I got through every step of the quest, including activating the track access hatch, but the quest never registered completion of this step. As a result, the access hatch is powered and enabled so I cannot interact with the switch anymore, but the quest log indicates that it has not been activated and I am not able to fast travel to other hatches. As far as I can tell, the flags in the game the govern the state of the access hatch switch are out of sync with the quest flags and I do not currently see a way I can get them to synchronize.
  22. First off, the story is AMAZING I'M SO GLAD FOR THIS GAME. I will definitely be having a second playthrough, if only after the next patch or two. The credits are currently rolling as I write. Wonderful music. Ps4 Act 3 V 1.1.69541 Quest Markers Quest markers will remain on the map after completion, some undiscovered quest markers (!) have no title or description beside them when viewed from the map, even when player is on location. Audio/Visual Distortion (spoilers) When in Victoria Byngs residence, cutscenes taking place from Bobbies knocking on the door until quest completion were audibally distorted. Audio was considerably slowed, glitched, and static. (Perfectly ruined the scene for me). Game crashed at this same point in previous save load. Hair not loading on NPCs There's quite a number of bald Wellies in residence.
  23. Played through Act 2 and found these bugs. Other than this, the game is great fun! Ps4, v 1.1.69541 GRASS GLITCH Textures around certain Named NPC homes display a green alpha texture on the ground. Doctors House, Dr. Faraday, etc. FLOATING ITEMS/NPCS Some NPCS and a manhole were found floating above ground in Maiden Holm. ITEMS TO STASH MENU FREEZE When sending items to stash, the confirmation window becomes stuck on screen, even when backing out of the stash menu altogether. Disappears after a minute or so. Only on Sallys playthrough (so far). NPCS WANDER THROUGH LAB Not really a glitch, but something I would assume isn't supposed to happen. NPCS wander inside of Sallys lab. When 'answer the door' is part of the quest line, NPCS can open the door and trigger the following cutscene, no matter where in the house the Player is. PITUITARY EXTRACTOR NOT SHOWING When the extractor is equipped, it doesn't show in players hand and makes it difficult to know whether it is equipped and ready or not. 'COMPLETED' QUEST LOG MIXED UP 'Completed' identification tag was in the 'Imcompleted' quests section. (See attached image) GET SLEEPTITE BUG This quest will mark as complete if Sally has had SLEEPTITE in her inventory before, but got rid of/used it before accepting this quest. Possible reason for above 'menu' bug PEACHY'S FINAL MISSION The doors in the house say 'lockpick required' with no option to apply a lockpick. Needs to say 'jammed' or something of the like, so as not to mislead.
  24. I dont even know where to begin. pop-ins every 5 steps. texture breaks. quests are super buggy. it crashes all the time. frame rate is insulting. NPCs disappear when interacted with. they arent visually rendered properly. its really unplayable. physics are awful. screen tears left and right. this cost me 60? damn
  25. Hey guys, loving the game so far but thought I’d head here to give you heads up on bugs I’ve encountered. Platform: PS4 Build: v1.1.69541 What happened: In combat with any NPCs (haven’t tested on wastrels and downers) blowing the item ‘Bobby whistle’ causes the game to freeze and be unresponsive. Need to force exit from the PS home screen. Where: Inside all city areas What happened: Can’t read any later entries or statistics in journal after quest Haworth Lab. Stays stuck on the Jubilator derby note. Where: In journal as Arthur, after main quest at Haworth Labs. What happened: Cutscenes with dialogue don’t play. Have to hit skip to proceed. Where: Several occasions in different places. Medal quest at the start, superb meat boy and Lionel’s guard quest. What happened: Several crashes including unable to load a save when in the parade. where: various times and locations
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