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Found 7 results

  1. Has the Corrupt save file bug on PS4 Been fixed yet? Im talkin about the one in the end of Arthurs story. Im a Little bit afraid of proceeding with the game Until I know if its fixed with the last update. Btw, Which quest is the last one in Arthurs story? The one after Faraday?
  2. I got this game a dew days ago and my PC is way above the recommended system reqirements to run this game, so I'm really confused why I can only get 30-45 fps on mid settings. Even the game knows it should be able to run since it automaticaly sets everything on ultra. This games needs a patch to improve FPS and it would be nice to know when
  3. So i started the game two days ago and it gave me the prompt of an update. Build v1.370168. Is what is running right now but right after the update it said 1.3.6... (Cant remember the rest of the numbers) i was just wondering what is that update for? I noticed the begining music on the start menu changed. Im wondering what is it this update changing or adding to the game. I also noticed anytime the game starts acting like its going to crash instead of going to the blue screen error message it does a pause and it then continues which im excited about. Also since the update when it does crashed it saves the last progress so im left off in the same spot i was before and i dont lose my mission progress. Im very happy with it but i was wondering if there was more to the update? Thank you so much i know you guys are working really hard on this project and i want to express my gratitude. Hope you're all doing well.
  4. How can we get a Steam code for our kickstarter reward. I dont want to go to some GOG site and signup to another thing i will use just once in order to get my download.
  5. I ordered the $60 package of the game on backerkit a while back and was supposed to get the soundtrack and artbook pdf along with the game, and they just never showed up. What's the best way to get this solved?
  6. I bought this game full price expecting a few bugs but not what I received. For a full priced game the star that it was released in was disgusting. I am actually looking to seek a refund through Microsoft if it is not patched and Patched PROPERLY soon.
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