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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I cannot complete the chest quest! Ive been doing this for many days in game time. I open the chest, and wait a day or two. Sometimes there is an item in the chest, but i cannot grap it. Is the problem that I cant grab it? How do i complete this quest??
  2. I am currently experiencing difficulty completing the mission “The Great Stink” and I think something is wrong with the game. It’s very frustrating to not be able to progress. I have flipped the power switches in maintenance rooms 1 and 3 and have turned all three red valves clockwise, however I am still not able to flip the switch in maintenance room 2. I watched a YouTube tutorial on the mission and when the player rotated all three red valves he had no problem flipping the switch. Not only that, but now when I walk up to the two red valves inside of maintenance room 2 they will not highlight/be recognized anymore and I do not have the option of turning the counterclockwise like I do on the red valve located in the other room. What is going wrong here? Please help me because as I said, it’s very frustrating to not be able to advance in a game I was enjoying.
  3. I'm playing on PC, Steam, build 1.5.72378 . The prompt to bribe bobbies seems to appear or not appear almost randomly. There doesn't seem to be any reason as to when it does or does not appear. When the prompt does appear, bribing doesn't work. Most of the time when I attempt a bribe, things pause as if an animation is playing (I can't move for several seconds), and the Scotch (or other alcohol) disappears from my inventory, but nothing else changes. The bobby doesn't act as though he's consumed any alcohol afterwards. Occasionally I'll find a bobby where the animation actually plays and he'll become intoxicated, but the majority of the time, I'm just losing scotch and not seeing any change.
  4. I have a bug in my current play through while doing the Cathouse quest with Ollie. After I knock on the door while wearing the boiler suit the ladies start their talking but after Ollie says his name, nothing else happens. The ladies go back to their small talk with each other and I cannot continue the quest. Platform: PS4 Build: v1.5.72580
  5. Hi, I'm on a PS4, build v 1.1.69541. I started the Butchers Apprentice quest, saw both impatient people, and killed the gang who had beaten him up - but for some reason I can't talk to the Apprentice? Is it because I didn't 'scare ' them off, instead killed them? Link to recording:
  6. Hello there, as the title says my quest "constant gardeners" just got bugged. Once I finally found some neximide I went back to and gave it to Bob, but after giving it to him he thanked me said "here you go" and went back into vomiting, plus the quest in my journal now appears as failed (objective has been red crossed). Is there any way to work around this? Maybe with the ingame console? I'm playing on PC (gog version) Build: v1.3.70168 World seed: F7E1B61D4755F3DE438443AAC92CE76F Game setup: Arthur, story, hard
  7. I'm not sure if it's because I use it in populated areas, but I can never successfully use the Bobby Whistle without my game completely dashboarding (playing on the xbox). Just reporting it in; I'll probably end up just not using it until there's a patch. Otherwise I've had very few bugs/glitches ? Nice work Compulsion!
  8. System- PS4 Patch- 1.6. I started the Sympathy For The Lightbearer mission, infiltrated the house, and as far as I can tell, all of the windows except for the bedroom window have metal shutters on them and no way to open it, leaving me 1 meter away from Nick because a shutter is between us. I have watched walk throughs to see what I am missing, and the quest doesn't seem seem to incorporate these metal shudders on every window the way my mission house does. *I have disabled the security system, if that has anything to do with it. If this mission just glitched? Are there any known fixes? Thanks for your time.