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  1. I got the game yesterday and played for a while. Made it into the "wild" and begun the quest to get the war medal, then I created a manual save and quit for the day. Came back today, and all it's loading is the latest automatic save, which is in the underground. No matter how I attempt to load the manual save, it just won't load it and keeps loading me underground. The game does acknowledge some of it as the loading screen reflects the "forest/wild" map being loaded, but even so, I end up underground. One thing to note, the first thing I did was hit Continue, which loaded the automatic save and once it did, it updated it, so it is now my latest save. I also noticed that the time slot for my saves are somehow 5 hours in the future? My PS4's time and region are all properly set so that's... Odd. This is on PS4, build 1.9.88878
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