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  1. I have been with WHF since day1 of the xbox preview and up until the day the (full) version released I had never had one problem.Now,I can't play more than 10 minutes before the game crashes me back to my dashboard.I am playing as Arthur (new game),the crashes happen every single time,and are non-location specific.Sometimes I can't even leave my sewer base before I crash.I've played on both xb1 and xb1s and the crashing is constant on both systems.Removing/reinstalling the game makes no difference,except that I lost all pre-order extras and microsoft refuses to even discuss it with me.It also makes no difference whether I'm on a mission or not,what I'm doing at the time,or even which direction I'm going in.I'm playing V 1.5.72492 and my xb1s OS is 10.0.17763.3062.The game is 100% unplayable,and has been like this since release.I also know of many others who have the exact same problem.I have responded to many of your postings on xb1 concerning this issue and almost every single one of them has been removed at Gearbox's request,along with numerous other players posts.It's as if Gearbox doesn't want to hear anything negative about the game.I'm giving the game one last try as I write this,but if it crashes me out again then I'm done.It's truely disappointing as I'v been eagerly anticipating playing this for many years now.Please help.
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