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Found 16 results

  1. Any chance the mods are gonna make a multiplayer mode in we happy few? Maybe some kind of joint timeline where you're in different district areas and have to find each other as different characters. Or maybe some co op story mode type thing in the arcade, could be similar to survival mode except multiplayer? Any ideas guys?
  2. I don't like the fov that we happy few had's on console and i would like it to be a bit higher . So i wish there's was fov slider to change it . And i do understand there's hardware limitations and it's fine if there isn't going to be a fov slider. It would just be nice to have one.
  3. this is just feedback. But it would be nice to have a brightness/gamma setting. I know you can use the flashlight. but some bright areas are too dark. and some dark areas are too bright. (or really really dark.) cheers.
  4. Ok, I might be being a bit fussy here, but some of the names of the tracks in the digital download bundle and on the vinyl don't match the track names on iTunes and Amazon although the songs are the same. For example Georgie Joy (Steam/Vinyl) = Joy Time (iTunes/Amazon) , Smiling Crime (Steam/Vinyl) = Not a Crime to Smile (iTunes/Amazon) . Is there a reason for this? ?
  5. Is there some way you guys are able to make the military base accessible again after the band of brothers quest ? As there's lots of loot to be had there and what if people forget one of Arthur's masks or forget any of the skill books in there plus it would make a bigger use for the military outfit you get from one of the side quests please reopen this in some way just so we have access to get back inside again I'm sure it would make the community very happy.
  6. Personally, I believe a tab next under/over "statistics" that keeps track of all (or most recent) messages would be a great help. I can't even tell you how many times I've missed what rewards I just received, or just completely unsure of what achievement I just unlocked. In fact, I just now could've sworn it said I unlocked an improved gas mask plan, only I couldn't find the plan in the build menu. So I reloaded to an earlier save and had to re-do a quest just to be certain. Sure enough, in the quest of the marble cat burglary, one of the rewards is an improved gas mask plan but none is given.
  7. So i figured something out last night while stuck on a quest. The side quest arent always showing up on the quest menu. But the exclamation point will show up on your map. So you can always go to the spot and interact with things and do the quest. After you finish the quest, the quest menu will have the quest completed. Also if youre stuck on a quest and cant find the items you need or cant interact with the objects around, open your map and see if there is an exclamation point near where your quest is at. If there is one try doing that quest first, before continuing with the previous one. It has happen to me couple of times now and after doing the second quest i was able to continue my previous quest. Also if a quest has steps or multiple spots to visit, like the car extractor quest, do the extraction following the order given. You wont be able to extract parts unless you follow the order given in the objectives. Anyway hope that helps some of you.
  8. the joy doctors don't wear their plague doctor gas masks ever in the game despite the being in the games launch trailer and update news in the early access stages.
  9. No way to walk slowly? Arthur shoots about unrealistically like a rocket I'd like the option to move naturally, like holding Z to creep. It just feels unreal
  10. Hi, Im doing the band brothers quest and by mistake/lack of attention i got out through the tunel and i cant get back in. Is there a way?
  11. So whist playing We Happy Few on xbox one. I notice two problems. 1. I messed up on the "Distract the Headboys" objective after the fit pit at the beginning of the game. (I knocked out one too many guys.) so I went to reload my save. and notice I had to quit to the main menu. then I could load it.... not a problem on PC. but xbox one has a very slow load time. so it would make it faster if I could just load from the menu. instead of doing two load screens instead. 2. Brightness. I have calibrated my 1080p TV for the best quality. (and it was a pain in the but) But I notice that a lot o areas in We Happy Few. are kinda dark. and it dramtaically shifts to darker if you go into shadows... makes it kinda hard to see. I would like an Brightness setting. and a Contrast setting too. just to make it easier to see without having to adjust my TV. (and make my other games hard to see in the process.)
  12. The PC versión have a lot of bugs. I'm going to list them in this thread so please, correct them. It's a pity that a game like this comes to the market so poorly optimized and with so many bugs, because they detract from the great work. This is only the firts hours of game. The IA of the police is absurd: Sometimes they stand without doing their round or looking at a wall In other moments, when they kill me, i respawn in front one of then. They see me and the persecution begins automatically.It's frustrating. The overall optimization of the game is quite poor, a 1080 ti is not able to reach the stable 60fops with a resolution of 3440x1400. Same, with the version of One X, its not stable at all. There is a lot of bug with the position of the NPC and objets
  13. It'd be great to have an option to restart from checkpoint instead of having to wait for death. There are times you just want to be killed so you can get back in. Give us an option
  14. Are there any plans to add a brightness adjusting element to we happy few on consoles?? It's unbearable to play as there are entire rooms that I am unable to see. My TV is a touch dark but I've never had this much of an issue before.
  15. I just started playing, the multiple choice options on the PS4 seem very small, have to get closer to the screen to read them.
  16. Why have multiple save slots if we can't load a previous save without fully quitting the game? Can't try different paths to take. Horrible system.
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