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  1. once in awhile the game will Crashe on the loading Screen and lost progress
  2. I have updated the game, but it is telling me the trial has ran out and need to buy the new game. I brought the full game when it was in alpha mode but now I cannot play it!!! HELP!!
  3. I'm on the PS4. After getting through the downer gate once you've got the keycard, there are 2 downer guys guarding a basement/ underground bomb hideout. Down there are further bad guys. Only they keep teleporting back and forth, their head torches flicker/ spaz out so I can't follow them. So I can't sneak attack. And I dont have the tools to take on the 5 guys that descend upon me once I've pissed one of them off... Is this a bug or am I being useless?
  4. game is crashing to dashboard on loading screen for me alot anyone have this problem?
  5. Xbox one - after a 7 hour download the game won't get past the first loading screen after the tunnel. It gets stuck and returns me to the Xbox home screen. Then started telling me I only have 10 minutes left. Now uninstalling and re-installing.
  6. When completing quests I have a tendency to get a recipe as a reward that I already own. Is this intended? I would expect an item or unowned recipe to always be the reward vs. no reward, since a repeat recipe is pointless.
  7. I was playing last night and got to the mastermind quest ... I flipped the switch to enable fast travel and then saved and logged off for the night ... when I logged in this morning it loaded up but showed the mastermind quest as incomplete. I can’t flip the switch and am unable to complete the quest .
  8. This crash is really annoying. I am unable to save the game and forced to start back over just for the same problem to occur. I need a refund or for it to be fixed. Thank you.
  9. I have started a new game. After leaving the tunnel at start. A loading screen came up and it wont get past it. I left it for 15 mins to no avail. I then restarted game and now the 'continue game screen' wont show. Just stays at the loading screen with the little dots going back and forth. Ive been with this game since launch in preview. And now i cant even get going with it. Thanks for that
  10. I can't load a saved game. Always I have to start from the same point. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxTeFCt6dYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA_jHvC_C3s
  11. It'd be great to have an option to restart from checkpoint instead of having to wait for death. There are times you just want to be killed so you can get back in. Give us an option
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