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  1. The following is a list of some issues with the Gadgets, either issues with their descriptions or their listed effects. - Lightning Rod description mentions Tesla coils, rather than the term Spankers - Water Filter is listed as a Gadget, but since you can't use it as an item would it not be a crafting component? (likely because of the Crafting Menu category?) - Polarity Device mentions Tesla coils instead of Spankers in the description
  2. I unlocked the skill tree option Tireless. It says "Remove negative effects of hunger, thirst and exhaustion" but I still get negative symbols in an upper corner. Also when I am sprinting it gives only half of the action bar.
  3. I am not entirely sure what I did, but I think it involved loading saves while completing the Shocking Carelessness quest. I got through every step of the quest, including activating the track access hatch, but the quest never registered completion of this step. As a result, the access hatch is powered and enabled so I cannot interact with the switch anymore, but the quest log indicates that it has not been activated and I am not able to fast travel to other hatches. As far as I can tell, the flags in the game the govern the state of the access hatch switch are out of sync with the quest flags and I do not currently see a way I can get them to synchronize.
  4. The game has been absolutely wonderful so far, but I can't seem to progress since when doing the "I sing Body Electric" quest, none of the bodies have anything on them so I can't get the key in order to progress with the quest.
  5. On the PS4 I'm having issues completing the quest. in the still of the night. At what I'm guessing is the end it says I have to collect strange alcohol but I have now filled all the empty bottles I have Wich was 12 of them and it's not completing the quest. I tried drinking a couple of them and refilling them and it is still not completing the quest. I also came back with a empty canteen and it said I had to fill a empty bottle. Am I missing something?? Or is this quest broken?? Thanks for your time and so far so good on a great game!!!
  6. Hi, I'm so saddened by the state of this game on release. I had such high hopes for it and it's borderline unplayable. I've encountered a game breaking bug with the track access hatches, they are stuck on (secure area) regardless of what has been done in the safe house. I've done everything over and over and the power won't turn on and the hatches can't be activated. I really don't want to demand a full refund from you but I will have to if you can't make this up to us Playing on ps4 on the latest update.
  7. Trying to replace the eviscerator part into the machine but can't. I get NO prompt with the X button. It seemed like the part that was broken disappeared after I opened the hatch.
  8. Hello! Enjoying the game a lot! Except in the butchers house, after i pick up the eviscerator, i can’t seem to place it into the machine, it doesn’t show me the option! i checked that i have it in my inventory, but can’t do anything! not even escape ? please help!! i need to finish arthurs journey! xox
  9. Je joue à We Happy Few sur la version originale de la PS4 la 500Go, à chaque partie je me déplace dans la carte et parfois des chargements survivre pour chargeur le décor et par la suite vient une erreur qui me fait quitter l'application et quand je charge ma dernière sauvegarde, l'erreur survit la fin du chargement (quand le jeu va apparaître à l'ecran) donc je ne peux pas charger la progression et en gros les erreurs survivre toutes les 30 minutes et j'avance dans la progression du jeu plus les erreurs sont frequentes, je vous prie de vous pencher sur ce probleme s'il vous plait car j'ai acheté la version deluxe a 80euros et je ne peux pas profiter de mon jeu, je suis déçu, j'ai regardé les communautés et quelques forums sur internet c 'est un problème général beaucoup de monde à la fois problème et donc sont comme moi de ne pas pouvoir jouer normalement à un jeu à un lieu de départ sur le droit des bugs et des pertes de données de progression 'est juste scandaleux je suis blasé
  10. Guest "Zzz" has made a very similar post/topic over the exact same issue I'm having but since we're on two different platforms I figured I might as well make my own topic, just in case the solution differs depending on platform and/or game version. The issue: During the quest Slaughterer’s Apprentice I was tasked to fix the Eviscerator by picking up a new piece downstairs. I have that piece in my inventory: But the old piece never really popped off the machine, and I don't really have any option to interact with anything there at all, only thing showing up there is the objective's pin: Prior to encountering this bug I spent some time running around the Butcher's house exploring, and I had already picked up the new Eviscerator piece before being actually tasked to. I also interacted with pretty much everything that's interactive in the house (buttons, doors, items, etc) before being met with the error. I've already saved and restarted the game a number of times but the old Eviscerator piece is just never there. My platform is PC, Windows 10, and I got We Happy Few off Steam. The current version of the game is V1.1.69866. I already owned the game when it was on Early Access, if that matters at all. I'm a bit impatient here because I really want to continue playing, which I can't unless I reload my old files and lose a good load of my progress, which I'm not really looking forward to... I guess I'm stuck inside the Butcher's house for now... But, regardless, thanks in advance!
  11. I was doing this quest and made it to the cellar, recovered my things and then ran to the Rubbish Bin. When I hid in the bin the Spanker hit me at the same time and I died, only to awake and for the "Leave Rubbish Bin" to still appear on screen. This resulted in me leaving the bin and teleporting to the cellar when I was suppose to start over at the step to sabotage the extruder. If I recover my stuff, nothing happens and I am also unable to climb back up the ladder to the apartment. Reloading put me back upstairs and fixed the issue, but it's still a bug that I wanted to report.
  12. Loving the game! Just wanted to let y'all know I discovered a bug on PS4 for the Luds Holm Access Hatch. The quest tells me to activate the switch next to the hatch door however it has already been activated and does not allow a prompt to activate it again.
  13. I just started playing, the multiple choice options on the PS4 seem very small, have to get closer to the screen to read them.
  14. I'm having issues with this quest. When I turn the valve and go to pick up the key from the body, it shows that all 3 bodies are empty.
  15. Xbox One Build version 1.1.69578 I had just exited Gemma Olsen's house, after completing the cutscene with the doctors and metal door. There was a Bobbie waiting on the side of her house already agro-ed (I was tresspassing, but how had he known I was there?) I tried to outwalk him, but passed a few more Bobbies and continued to accumulate Bobbies until I had about 6-9 (?) total on my tail. The game froze while the audio jittered like quickly repeating "dert-dert-dert-dert-dert-dert" for about 10-15 second (seemed longer as my heart sank and my patience wore thinner while trying to think of when the last save happened) before crashing.
  16. No way to walk slowly? Arthur shoots about unrealistically like a rocket I'd like the option to move naturally, like holding Z to creep. It just feels unreal
  17. For the past day every time I use a bobby whistle the game freezes and has to be restarted. I've tried it a few times to make sure that's what's going on, and it appears to freeze when NPCs notice the whistle and start to walk over. I've been able to use it when no NPCs are near without issue. Playing on Steam, full release
  18. I ordered the $60 package of the game on backerkit a while back and was supposed to get the soundtrack and artbook pdf along with the game, and they just never showed up. What's the best way to get this solved?
  19. First off, the story is AMAZING I'M SO GLAD FOR THIS GAME. I will definitely be having a second playthrough, if only after the next patch or two. The credits are currently rolling as I write. Wonderful music. Ps4 Act 3 V 1.1.69541 Quest Markers Quest markers will remain on the map after completion, some undiscovered quest markers (!) have no title or description beside them when viewed from the map, even when player is on location. Audio/Visual Distortion (spoilers) When in Victoria Byngs residence, cutscenes taking place from Bobbies knocking on the door until quest completion were audibally distorted. Audio was considerably slowed, glitched, and static. (Perfectly ruined the scene for me). Game crashed at this same point in previous save load. Hair not loading on NPCs There's quite a number of bald Wellies in residence.
  20. the joy doctors don't wear their plague doctor gas masks ever in the game despite the being in the games launch trailer and update news in the early access stages.
  21. Specific details on what you were doing when it happened: The bug is fixed by restarting the game, but it won't hurt to mention it so it can be included in the next hotfix. The bug occured when I finished harvesting toxic fog for the A Sucker for Science quest. I was wearing a gas mask, suit for blending and sneaky shoes during so. When I finished harvesting when back to Hamlyn Village hatch, I removed my gas mask and wore proper clothes for the village. That moment I noticed my health kept going down, I checked if I have some negative effects and there were non. I then equipped the gas mask to see what happens, my health was not going down while the mask was on. So I presume the game thought I was still near a toxic fog. The platform you are playing on PC And the current build you are playing v1.1.69866
  22. Are you going to fix the framerate on the X. Tanks at 20fps and lower. Not really fun to play
  23. Hi, Im doing the band brothers quest and by mistake/lack of attention i got out through the tunel and i cant get back in. Is there a way?
  24. Got to this Dig Spot (custom waypoint on the screenshot below) and I was able to use X to dig twice, but it would not let me dig the third time so the chest remains bureid and I ant get it out. Xbox One, v1.1.69578
  25. I can't move on with the game without finding the Bobby HQ like my objective says, for quest Finding Faraday. I've run EVERYWHERE around Maiden Holm and I don't have a Bobby HQ. What is going on? I'm completely stuck.
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