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  1. We Happy Few has a lot going for it including a groovy art syle, intriguing plot and characters, and engaging gameplay systems.The problem is that the game runs terribly on PS4 PRO and suffers from a host of annoying bugs and glitches, ranging from mildly annoying to game breaking. The frame rate chugs along, often dipping well below 30 fps, which is odd because I know the PS4 Pro can do way more than this game seems like it would demand. I can only imagine the dumpster fire this is on the base Xbox One. A number of quests are bugged so that you cannot complete them. Icons stay on the map even after you finish the mission, The sad thing is I am not sure if that is some sort of feature or another bug. You will get stuck in scenery and enemies and corpies will often freak out and do crazy glitchy stuff. The bottom line is this game was rushed to market because August is realistically the last month this year this game could hope to compete. it seems they felt they had to get it out. As a result the reviews are terrible and sales in turn will be terrible, threatening promised future content and patches. Its a shame because the core game itself is pretty good. I have read devs saying a patch will be along in the coming WEEKS. That really isn’t good enough. Who even knows if they will fix everything or if you will have to start a new game once (if) they actually patch this crap because old saves will probably be irredeemably broken. We shouldnt be walking on eggshells trying to pray we can get through an up to 80dollar game. I can already smell Gearbox and Compulsion trying to cut the cord on this. Sad. The devs probably wont even respond to this because they know its all true. i suggets everyone go to their retailer and ask for their money back.
  2. Hi, i'm playing WHF and i can't extract the required car pieces to complete the Faraday's quest. The extractor seems not to work properly. At the end of the process, the hole that the car would have in order to catch the pieces disappears immediately. I think it's some kind of bug, because it didn't happen in other save i have. Im playing on Xbox One. v: 1.1.69578
  3. So I think I have come across a couple of issues with the safe houses. The first one I went into had an electrified floor and two dead bobbies in it. I jumped onto the tables and, not noticing the tunnel above the floor I ran through the electrified water, deactivated the power and then drained the water before turning the power back on. After doing this I couldn't activate the track hatch fast travel thing as It still said I needed to secure the area. (I then carried the bobbies outside but it still gave me the same message. The second safehouse I am stuck with is in the area where you first meet the plague victims, I went into the hatch and killed all the plague wastrels before finding a wheel/ crank at the back of the station with three yellow wires leading to lights. I turned the wheel but no lights came on and i wasn't able to access the fast travel either :(
  4. Hi, don't know if some of these are already reported but here are some bugs: Bugged quests: Mysterious chest: cannot be finished keeps looping Hivemind: can't collect honey Crazy legs: can be finished put it pops up again once you return to the area with noway to recomplete it Bugged mask collectible: Germany (Arthur) doesn't register, if you go back to it's place the mask isn't there anymore Possible uncle jack shows bugged: NEWS HOUR PSA DOWNERS - I HEAR YOU WORD OF THE DAY - FUNNY OLD CUSTOMS PINATA they're either bugged for me or just won't spawn Also can't scroll down the notes anymore past the jubilators derby note.....can't see the statitistics anymore....
  5. when playing one the older xbox one most of the game is really laggy the only point when it hits 30fps is when inside a building
  6. The thumbnail for a single manual save works great, but as soon as you save a 2nd manual slot, both the thumbnails changes to the new picture. This will also happen for every other manual save file. So basically, every save has the same thumbnail.
  7. I play on ps4 Build v 1.3.70168 I finished act 1 as Arthur and despite the game crashing every few hours or so I pushed through and finally got to see the end scene of Arthur. After the cutscene ended the game said act 2 sally and crashed and my save was corrupted. After reading many forums I went into my PlayStation account and downloaded an old save from a few days earlier ( I got incredibly lucky ) I replayed 4 hours of missions and finally got back to apple holm and the game loaded into Act 2 I play 4 hours into sally and on day 5 in the game I get a story quest bug that is non fixable and requires me to restart the entire game. Please just allow everyone to start the game as the 3 characters I’ve read all kinds of these bugs that require people to restart why can’t we just restart as sally or the other guy in act 3. Don’t apologize either after you apologize to 11,000 people it doesn’t mean anything.
  8. Hey, first up, loving this game! I just have some Issues with certain quests and the map. 1. More of a question than a bug. Mysterious Chest: This quest doesnt and, it resets everytime I open the chest and take the loot, is tat supposed to be that way? 2. Moon juice leech: I wanted to search the body and got cought, people chased me. So I ran away. The Questitem "search the body" turnd read and is crossed of but the quest stays in the questlog. When i returned and search the body unseen, nothing happend. Quest is still read and crossed of. 3. hivemind: I cant't take the honey from the tree. I had put on the padded suit. Other trees are no problem, this Quest-tree doesnt work, tried numerous angles, but I have no oppertunity to take the honey. 4. Finished Quests, Questmarkers and digging spots don't vanish from the map. Only after a restart of the gaame, they are gone I play an an Xbox One X, Buildnumber 1.1.69578 I hope this is the right Threat to adress this, couldn't find out if this stuff is already posted. Greets and thanks for the Game!
  9. The Fab Threads recipe in Arthur's playthrough calls for Dark Cloth, which doesn't seem to be an item. Are these ultra rare and hidden or are they something that never go implemented? PC 1.3.70168
  10. I've been playing through Sally's story for a while now and most of that has been trying to figure out simply how to get into Harry Cavendish's house in the quest Bad Chemistry, I tried everything I could think of (including going up to the door) only to get so lost I just looked it up. Upon a youtube search I learned that all I needed to do was knock on the door. So I went up and found out I couldn't activate the door in any way. Can someone please tell me if I'm missing something here because I don't want this glitch to ruin my experience with a so far incredible game.
  11. PC Ver 1.3.70168 As Sally I traveled to Rat Holm to gather toxic waste water for her quest and ran into this bug (non-game breaking): 1) When you fill a Canteen with Toxic Waste Water, you get 2 canteens of Toxic Waste Water. This means that when you use the Toxic Waste Water to make Mercury Amalgam you get 2 Canteens back, when you used 1 to make the water in the first place. So basically, you can infinitely duplicate Canteens, at least until you run out of Bleach which is needed to turn the Waste into Mercury. 2) Toxic Waste Water only appears in the "ALL" tab of the inventory, not under Crafting Components.
  12. In "options" under the "controls" section when "aim sensitivity x" is highlighted the dropbox reads as follows; "Adjust the sensitivity of the hotizontal aim movement" Easy to make such an error, considering the T and R are next to each other on keyboards.
  13. I just noticed a bug where Ed MacMillan (the guy you carry with the broken legs) will disapear during the Plough Boy's Lunch Quest. If playing the quest while carrying Ed and your game crashes, his character model will vanish from the game (or at least mine). He doesnt respawn nearby when you restart your game, but will be an object with no model that is essentially be invisible. You can't carry him and stuff, he just becomes to hard to find!
  14. I was in the middle of playing and I had Ollie sitting on a bench. He was attacked and became lodged behind it. There's no way out. I'm going to restart the game and see if it fixes the problem.
  15. I go to the altar place at night the first time, but basically what happened was I wasn't high for long enough, so when I was off my high (and I didn't take another mushroom), I was 'evicted' in a sense. Upon returning with a high and such, the quest just wouldn't let me use the drums. Then all of a sudden they guy who usually plays the drums just died right in front of my eyes and now the quest is bugged and I am not able to do it anymore. Particularly annoying since I've used a lot of those stupid mushrooms to try and troubleshoot it on my own. Build: v1.3.70168 Platform: PS4
  16. I completed Crazy Legs a while back and have the rewards. Just walked under the 'start' banner and it appears trackable but without the runner. PS4 Pro 1.01.
  17. Bonjour, je suis plaint il y a quelques jours du disfonctionnement du jeu et ... Il n'y a aucun moyen de m'aider, du coup je veux savoir comment faire pour se faire rembourser? J'ai perdu 15 heures de ma vie à jouer pour rien et plus de 5 heures à chercher une solution. J'ai aussi perdu 60 € pour un jeu qui ne marche pas. Honnêtement, vous ne pouvez pas dire que tous vos testeurs n'ont pas encore vu ces bugs, j'ai croisé au moins 20 bugs par heure donc impossible d'ignorer. Vous avez détruit votre réputation en arnaquant des milliers de personnes. Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation chez Microsoft compulsion games
  18. Im on the PS4 and i finished this quest yesterday, but today i got a patch when i turned on my system that said 1.02 and then started the game up. Now the crazy legs quest has popped back up showing 2nd part complete but not first part, but the guy does not ever show up now. Did the patch reset something, cause not i cant complete it, even thow i completed it yesterday
  19. I am try playing we happy few and every time I try and load up a save or an autosave it crash and send me back to the Xbox homepage and I try uninstalling the game and reinstalling game and that did not work also I now try starting 3 new games and this keeps happening every time I go to a new island or I quit the game and come back later to play on it I can not load up any saves and I got to started a new game but that one just crash as well what do I do or is this game 100% broken for me
  20. For the Eel Pie Holm quest, Hive Mind, I've run into an issue for the PS4 version of the game where I am unable to retrieve a piece of honey comb from the designated quest tree. I have confirmed that it is not a human error by retrieving honey comb from other bee hives located around the game world. I have tried standing at various different angles, thrown grenades at the tree, and lured a mob to the tree to attract the bees. All attempts have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks for making a great game! Still enjoying the hell out of it besides that.
  21. I've been playing we happy few for a week since it was released. It's pretty buggy and crashes, but I didn't mind it. I just finished act 1 with Arthur. Then it crashed as it was loading Act 2 with Sally. When I clicked to re-open the game, it said "data corrupted" and deleted ALL my progress and made me start a new game!!! I want my money back
  22. Both my husband and I played through Act One on our PS4 and just as the game was loading Act Two:Sally, it crashed. When we restarted the game, it told us the data was corrupted and completely deleted all our save files. Anyone else having this problem? Seriously don't want to have to restart again only to have the game crash...
  23. I thought Bethesda was bad for buggy games. Playing on PS4 Already had one save become unplayable and had to start again. Numerous times Arthur has become “stuck” after climbing over a wall or fence and I have had to go to the main menu and reload. The Hive Mind quest is currently uncompletable (at least to me) on PS4 as it won’t allow me to get the honey. No prompt appears to gather it. Currently regretting the money I spent on this game. Triple A price for a game that thus far doesn’t even rank with a lot of indy games.
  24. Has happened 3 times now, my xbox one x actually shuts off, when I start it back up it says it overheated, never happened with any other game
  25. Please add fixes on PS4. I literally can't play the game. It loads in and immediately crashes on two quest. The Arthur story quest where you have to rotate the cannon,and the sidequests where you have to get the package for the butcher.
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