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  1. Is there some way you guys are able to make the military base accessible again after the band of brothers quest ? As there's lots of loot to be had there and what if people forget one of Arthur's masks or forget any of the skill books in there plus it would make a bigger use for the military outfit you get from one of the side quests please reopen this in some way just so we have access to get back inside again I'm sure it would make the community very happy.
  2. I have been waiting for this game for a while now, along with many people, and love the game when it works, which has been rare lately. Game is constantly crashing or freezing when fast traveling, doing certain actions, or when traveling certain routes. When I noticed a route was crashing I would take a different way, but now I have no other option because I’m doing the main quest line for Arthur and there’s only one way forward. I’m trying to get to the lab and right before I get to the bridge it crashes. I’ve tried multiple times and it is the same result. I don’t want to start over. Other times I noticed it crashing was like I said when I try fast traveling, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Crashes at random. The other time I noticed is when you blow the bobby whistle the game freezes. Can we expect an update soon to fix all of these crashing issues, I would love to get back to the game. Thanks!!
  3. I would like to not have to type in certain console commands, like "r.BloomQuality=0" (which removes bloom), each time I start the game. Is there an .ini I can add cvar's to, or a seperate file that needs to be created? Thanks
  4. During the Hive Mind encounter I am unable to harvest the Honey from the tree. I have made the Padded Suit and can harvest some of the other trees, which don't count toward the quest, but the tree in quest is not harvestable. The quest log also seems to "reload" over and over, as the icon for progress pops up when I'm doing other things and when I return to the tree the (Optional) Equip a Padded Suit will "complete" again.
  5. During the quest The Great Stink and after taking the note 'Jubilator Derby' I can't scroll through my notes anymore past that one. I've tried reloading other save files but the problem remains. Platform: XBOX ONE Build: 1.3.70173
  6. Is there a recipe to make a crash syringe? If so I can't seem to locate it anywhere...I have all of the items to make it but does not give me the option to craft it at chemistry station.
  7. As title says. I was doing the jubilator quest area underground, picked up a note, ended up finding another note with a different title same contents and now I can't scroll past the first note possibly because of the duplicate in the list under it. Notes are both titled "jubilator grand jury" Tried restarting and it didn't change anything so I can't look at any new notes I receive now. Why are new notes at the bottom anyway?
  8. I was recently going through the quest in St. George's related to the two old and dying veterans. In the house of the first gentleman, if you unlock and open the front door it causes a flood of NPCs to enter the house and start moseying around like they own the place. Now let's say the player gets protective of the old coot and decides to vacate the unwelcomed guests with a little ultraviolence. Next they decide they want to pick up the bodies and toss them into the open coffin in the next room. It's only fitting. If the player picks up and throws about 8+ bodies with plenty more laying around, eventually the character will go through the Pick Up motion but act as if they aren't carrying anything. HOWEVER, the player seems to be carrying the ghost of the deceased because if you step out in public empty handed townsfolk will react as if you're carrying a dead body over your shoulder. The only fix seems to be dying and respawning from the last quicksave btw
  9. Personally, I believe a tab next under/over "statistics" that keeps track of all (or most recent) messages would be a great help. I can't even tell you how many times I've missed what rewards I just received, or just completely unsure of what achievement I just unlocked. In fact, I just now could've sworn it said I unlocked an improved gas mask plan, only I couldn't find the plan in the build menu. So I reloaded to an earlier save and had to re-do a quest just to be certain. Sure enough, in the quest of the marble cat burglary, one of the rewards is an improved gas mask plan but none is given.
  10. Can not complete quest in the still of the night. I have collected 10 strange alchols
  11. My System: PS4 Pro We Happy Few Build: v1.169541 Here is a list of bugs that I have had the displeasure to have come across: 1. Hive Mind-Cannot harvest honey with padded suit on. 2. Duck Soup, found the rubber duck, took it back, no one wanted to talk to me, proceeded to takedown everyone out of frustration. 3. Shocking Revelation(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot Secure the location after draining the water and putting the power back on. 4. Meet the Neighbours(No info under quest/journal) Access Hatch-Cannot turn on power, turned wheel valve, nothing happens, cant use shelter.
  12. Hello, dear developers! I'm stunned of how incredible this game is, after 47 hours playing it, I just finished and decided to write down some feedback for you guys, 'cause it's a lovely day for it I'm most used to FPS and storytelling games, so keep this in mind while you read it, please. Act 1 - Really good story-depth, Arthur is the most complete character of all three; - The skill tree makes a lot of sense, but I think Arthur needs some negative skills as the others characters; - Butcher's quest is amazing, most of the side quests are! - Sally has Gwen, Ollie has diabetes, Arthur also needs something to make us stop sometimes to give it attention. Act 2 - Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Sally's skills at the beginning of her gameplay; - I loved the baby's needs and burden making me turn back sometimes, for real! - It's weird that the encounter with Arthur to get the cod liver oil happens in Sally's house in act 1 and in another place during the second act. I think it would be great to make it happen, in both acts, in the same place, in the garden district - I didn't manage to craft every item Sally can, 'cause most the ingredients only were accessible almost at the end of the act - I was confused after visited the doctor's house, 'cause Sally said she might move with Gwen over there, but nothing happened towards this - Amazing witches' quest - At the last mission, while I'm carrying Gwen, I think it was too easy to just fast-travel to the air raid shelter and from there, move to the boat. Not sure what to do about that. Also, I was almost sure the soldier that was tinkering with the boat got the plague and was waiting for me with Gwen, maybe that would be cool! - In the boat location, there is a door with the same lever as in the shelters. Thought it was going to be useful, but I can't interact with, so why having it there? - I think the beginning of Sally's story is amazing, the best one, with everybody calling you and asking for drugs or answers in the message-tube thing! But from there to the almost ending of the act, I think it's noticeable that you just "need to hurry up and finishes up so we can start the last act", like, the beginning was more interesting than the ending - There is one shelter, the darkest one with guys with plague (the one Arthur manages to fix the fences). After activating it, the lights did not turn on. Act 3 - Completing few quests allowed me to win too much skill points, so I upgraded most of Ollies' skills at the beginning of his gameplay. Also, Ollie needs others unique skills to upgrade to, as the other characters have; - I would like more situations making me going into places that requires me to use the multi-tool. I was desiring using it in the other acts, so when I got it, with Ollie, I thought it would be more useful than it really was; - Few side-quests. Also, it needs an "outside of the box quest" as the butcher or the witches ones. Maybe something like giving the colonel's a proper burial? - Arthur and Sally often interacts with each other during the Acts 1 and 2, but during the 3rd act, we do not have that possibility, only at the beginning, in the first cutscene. I would like to interact a little bit more with the others while playing as Ollie! - What an ending, gentlemen! Amazing!! - At the start of the act, in the roof, there is a red crate inside some wood planks, but i did not manage how to access it even with a jimmy bar! - Loved the diabetes thing! But never managed to craft the syringe that decreases the blood sugar level. Also, I found a blindspot in the trees with the bees to harvest the honey without being stinged. I'm not sure if that was intended. - After the quest for the shadow dealer, the guy and the girl in front of Lionel's store (his dealers) were trapped forever (the guy was stunned and the girl was on top of the wall prop), also, the red constable that I trashed was in Lionels store, standing normally, but with the status "deceased". I even managed to talk with him, then I couldn't do it again. - What happened to the SOE guy?? - I think Ollie needs to comment something when he enters the old ladies house to get the cats and sees the crates with the nazi symbols. Epilogue -I think it needs a better transition to Arthur again. Maybe the first act must end with the constable giving him the option to get the pill and he keeps staring it. Then fades out. Then the epilogue would make more sense. Loved Ollie's ending. I think Sally's last cutscene should be of her saying "oh, there is land ahead!" or disembarking withGwen. General things - I think you guys know this, but the game has some problems with subtitles: during the theatre movies, in the menu, the subtitles are not synced. At the Epilogue, there are not subtitles at all. In some quests, it's bugged to. - Also, there are bugs in a lot of quests - I think all districts need to explorable by all characters - It was really easy to do not catch the plague or infections. So best first aid kits and antiseptic bandages were not useful. - Loved the thematic of the game, the depth of the story, the colours and sound! - Joy was useless after accessing Sunshine. I think there should be some barriers that notices if you're on Sunshine or Joy - Would be cool if you could be addicted to phlash and some other chems if you uses it too much. That would help the player to appreciate more the scenarios and everything - Loved the brolly weapons heheh - Make the Parade District having some side quests, please! I think that's all. Thank you again for this amazing game
  13. Simply that. Why there's no subtitles in the ending cutscene? I'm from Spain and I've just finished Arthur's history. To my surprise, i can't understand well the ending because there's no subtitles. If there are during the entre gameplay, why in the ending doesn't?
  14. Bonjour, je suis française, j’ai acheté le jeu voila une semaine, et je ne peux plus y jouer sur ps4 parce que j’ai des messages d’erreur qui apparaissent du coup impossible de continuer le jeu. Ce jeu est plein de bugs, il vaut tout de même la bagatelle de 60 euros ce qui fait 91 dollars canadiens; C’est lamentable je demande une compensation car je ne peux plus y jouer sur ps 4. Il y a un gros problème vous devriez optimiser ce jeu et contacter sony afin d’apporter des améliorations. Le message d’erreur est le suivant CE 34878-0. Merci de bien vouloir me répondre car je pense avoir été dupée, ce jeu n’aurait jamais du sortir tant qu’il n’était pas au top. Dans l’attente...
  15. I keep attempting to complete this miasion, but I am unable to and have given up. I'm on PS4 with build 1.370168. I'm holding down R2 and nothing has happened. I've tried every other button, but to no avail.
  16. I'm using windows 10 via Steam. I'm also using an xbox controller to play. I just noticed today that I used up 7 saved slots and when i go to save and let's say i want to overwrite either 1, 2, or 3, i can only move my cursor to slot 4, 5, 6, or 7. If i try to move above 4 the cursor just bugs out and won't let me go higher. And when I move the cursor down i have to press down twice to get it to move down 1 slot and i do hear the cursor tweet sound. so it's like there is an invisible slot that it has to pass through before it goes to the next slot. Not sure if that makes sense. next time i play i will try to get you a video clip if that's okay. i dont think a picture will iterate what i'm talking about.
  17. Is anyone else experiencing this problem: Loading in game, getting some character dialogue then game crash. This saved filed is in a science center (doesn't help) but once load dialogue is talking about someone going mad or is on bad joy. I've tried loading a older saved before my main saved game. And it's a 50/50 chance will load or same situation, if it loads I can play till the same location as the original saved game then game will crash. The console is up to date, and I've deleted the game and reinstalled it as well as the updates. (Video included if helps) VID_20180824_100926.mp4
  18. This bug I found in the cellar in Eel Pie Holm at the start of the game. Trying to sneak behind an NPC to takedown but he teleports back to his idle position against the wall. This was a recurring bug in this area. We Happy Few Path Bug.mp4
  19. Has the Corrupt save file bug on PS4 Been fixed yet? Im talkin about the one in the end of Arthurs story. Im a Little bit afraid of proceeding with the game Until I know if its fixed with the last update. Btw, Which quest is the last one in Arthurs story? The one after Faraday?
  20. I got this game a dew days ago and my PC is way above the recommended system reqirements to run this game, so I'm really confused why I can only get 30-45 fps on mid settings. Even the game knows it should be able to run since it automaticaly sets everything on ultra. This games needs a patch to improve FPS and it would be nice to know when
  21. Okay I wanna start off by saying this is one of the greatest games I have played in a very long time. The story is amazing, the mechanics are amazing for the most part, but the one thing that is just horrendous about this game is all of the bugs. There are just too many to count. Now I am a completionist, and I couldn't stand how there are two quests that are unable to be finished, they just bug out whenever you try to complete them. Or when I'm trying to go for the achievement for not killing anyone and I smother someone in their sleep, it will spring them out of the bed and it will say I killed them. But the one thing that just infuriates me the most is the end of act 1; I would almost call it unplayable. To start with, on xbox if you run up the stairs for the building with the mission, "future perfect", the game crashes 99% of the time. Then I had to restart from a save that was an hour before entering the broadcast building because all of my missions were invisible. Also, the last 30 minutes of the game took me 3 hours because the game crashed at almost every loading screen. Once again, I love the game. I want to play through it again but not until these bugs are fixed.sorry for the rant and I hope you all have a lovely day.
  22. For the Maidenholm quest, Moon Juice Leech, I killed the two constables that we're inspecting the body. I then inspected the body but there was no indication telling me as to whether or not I failed the quest. The map marker is still visible and the quest is still listed in my current quest log. I believe I received the skill points for the quest, but the text is red instead of black. I have not failed a question before and don't know what that looks like, but I did attach two images of the quest log and map. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro, forgive me for the poor image quality.
  23. 1. Hive Mind: Can't harvest honey, even with a padded suit. 2. Tree House: Craft a "Suit Of Blending". I've completed the quest all the way to the last part, which is "craft a suit of blending". I've crafted 2 and still have the promt to craft a suit of blending. I've even tried to wear one and return to the tree house LOL. 3. Future Perfect: After "Align The Machines To Blast A New Door" you are to pull the handle and finish this. The handle disappeared and the quest can't be completed, which is so far a game breaker due to I can't find another way to continue this story.
  24. So I’ve collected 20 strange alcohol and game will not progress, bugged? I’m on Xbox one S
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