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  1. When you e finished the story do you get to go back and finish the rest of the quests and explore the rest of the map?
  2. I would like to say I love we happy few. It reminds me every day of the fable and bioshock series. It is exciting and the game design and graphics are very new and refreshing. However, the game has crashed a total of 15 times on me since I started playing it a week ago. There are constant bugs that need an update. I cannot access three of my hatches because of a game glitch and also there needs to be a strategy guide produced to help with crafting and what to do in each hatch, etc. I know that everything is randomly generated so maps won't help but the over all content and the story is the same so please make a guide. It would only bring you guys in more money. Overall I would give your product a 5 star rating due to its bugs and the fact I paid $60+ for it when it crashes all the time is a down side. Please do not get discouraged because you're on the right track just fixed your games issues.
  3. Hi my name is john and i really love your game and its story. Unfochantly the game does have a few bugs i would like to report. I was on ps4 with build v.1.3.70168 on it and the quests don't disapear once you complete them nor the dig spots. The game slows down then crashes after about 3 hours of play time each time i boot it up. And the final and last big problem i had is as i beat act 1 and was starting act 2, the game crashed and i lost all of my save data. (To be more specific it got corrupted and i was in the loading screen that begins act 2.) Anyway plz fix these bugs and I really do like your game but plz fix this.
  4. Hi there, I have We Happy Few on Xbox One, and have a horribly annoying glitch where the bandages can never be used. Every time I am hit as Sally, the skull appears, the heartbeat starts pounding, and as I try to use either dirty bandage or antiseptic bandage, it tells me I don’t need that—over and over again until I bleed out and die. Absolutely terrible! I’m hit all the time and the game takes forever to reload, and I’m dying every few minutes—even Simon says parts that just zap me kill me since I start to bleed—please fix this!
  5. I am on the Faraday Cage mission. I have completed (with an hour or so of frustration) collecting the bucket of mortilene, brought it back to the lab and now have the extractor. I managed to extract the car in Faradays yard but when I go to the other cars (near Old Luds Home Station and the car near the tree house) I am able to use the took but it doesn't actually extract anything!! I can do it multiple times but still get the option to extract the car over and over again. I am totally stuck in the game. Please tell me that I am not the only one ?
  6. Any notes I pick up after Jubilator Grand Derby I cannot read. The game still makes the noise like it is scrolling down through the notes, and the numbers indicating I have a new note disappear, but the text on the left and the highlighted note on the left remain on Jubilator Grand Derby. I am playing on an xbox one. I'm working on some major story quests and am quite bummed I can't read a lot of the notes I'm picking up in Dr. Verloc's office. I am able to scroll back up and read anything above the Jubilator Grand Derby note, however. I appreciate your help! Danielle
  7. My game crashes every time i attempt to leave the first level the cutscene where my character first lifts the hatch freezes and crashes un able to pass this section
  8. In the treehouse quest when I am supposed to return peachy the loony, he is turned away from the window and I am unable to speak or interact with him.
  9. So when doing arthours campaign you reach a reporters house after entering her lab and taughting the doctors you lock yourself in then you have to investigate notes on a wall. Afterward you are supposed to use a vent to leave the house but when playing on the Xbox version I was unable to walk up the first incline in the vent nor was I able to reopen the door using the massive red button. I have tried reloading the area. I have restarted the game multiple times and I still have been unable to find a way to exit this room after entering
  10. I've really been enjoying the game so far (on the PS4), but I've experienced several annoying bugs mainly involving the hatch quests. in some cases I pick up the hatch quest, but it's entirely blank and any interactions involving the quest do not appear. Makes the game quite frustrating when you can't actually use half of the shelters due to bugs. Also there have been a few times where the game has just crashed for no reason, but if I'm honest these moment have been few and far between. If there any solutions to the bugs in the game I would love some information. Thank you.
  11. So after the game crashed while moving from Castershire's shop to my next quest, I can no longer play the game. Upon startup, I'm caught at a perpetual loading screen at the title. I can skip the introduction and whatnot but afterwards all I am left with is the streets of Wellington Wells, the game's logo and a loading animation directly under it. It's been over 3 hours since this happened. I've reinstalled the game twice, backed up my save data and tried starting from scratch, as well as verified the files through the Steam application, all to no avail. I can't play my buggy 60$ game anymore. Please help.
  12. I'm playing the Sympathy for the Lightbearer sidequest and while I was able to get through the first house and get to the window I was supposed to get to get into Nicks home, the shutters are down on it. I've looked at guides and everything there's not supposed to be a shutter on the window needed to get into his house. Anyone else getting this issue? It's on the Xbox version
  13. Playing in the ps4 I had just finished Arthur’s chapter when my game crashed while loading sally’s chapter when I went to open the game again after the load screen when I hit x to begin a screen popped up that said corrupt data now it is only giving me the option to start a new game, all saved files gone. It was bad enough I usually couldn’t get though a play session without the game crashing once but now to have invest all this time and to have my files gone is very frustrating.
  14. Playing on the PS4, version 1.3.70168 When prompted to pollinate the plants in Faraday's greenhouse, the bee cannon doesn't work. Bees have been harvested, but holding down R2 does nothing. This is a story mission, so I won't be able to finish the game if this isn't resolved.
  15. Howdy gents and ladies; I've been enjoying the game quote a bit but I've run into a bit of a problem trying to cross Plassey Bridge to go further in the game. For starters the whole entrance is "hidden" I guess is the best way to describe it. As in it looks exactly the same as the rock wall of the island until you clip through to see the entry gate or if you pick the lock/talk to the Bobbie. I can see the bridge switch and the controls but I can't walk to them or get close enough to interact it stops me and doesn't allow me to pass its almost like I'm stuck in what the game thinks is the wall. It's effectively put a stop to all progress in Arthur's quest and I sincerely hope that this isn't something that is going to require me to fully re-start the game. For the record; I'm running Build 1.1.69578 on the X1X if that matters. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game already. Is this an issue for others or am I out of luck?
  16. I thought the hive mind quest was finally fixed after I found it there’s a new hot fix that just came out since I’m finally able to beat the game cause I’m literally in the final mission I throughly I could wait till the hive mind was fixed so I can 100% complete the game yet it’s still not fixed when is the next hot fix coming? I really want to beat the game
  17. Sally cannot use knockout syringes. Though I have many in my inventory, when I sneak up behind someone the text next to the triangle says, "Must have a knockout syringe." There is no lock to pick when trying to go upstairs after delivering Peachy to the puppet troupe. Not a bug, but an irritation- I am at the quest to go to Ravenholm and have only one canteen. I have searched houses, waste bins and rubbish piles without finding another canteen.
  18. I playing on the xbox 1 and am having issues unequiping ollies attire. I am playing on Normal on build v1.3.70173 I now have 2 different outfits equiped on ollie and it is making it almost impossible for me to go out on the streets without arrising suspicion. Because "ollie can not be naked". Even though he is double clothed. I am just at the end of the story with the exception of the Thomasina house bit. Which i can not complete due to the multiple outfit issue. Throught googling i have seen this issue has been reported previously here.(link below) please let me know when this issue will be fixed as I would like to complete my game.
  19. Hello! I have had this game downloaded for over a year or so and love it ? so this is a more recent issue, the past two weeks when I go to load the game it crashes the Xbox. I click the game, the music will play or sometimes not, then the Xbox shuts off. Sometimes it turns back on by it’s self sometimes I’ll have to turn it back on. But this only happens when I try and load this game, no other games have given the Xbox problems. Not sure if this is happening to other people but thought I would share.
  20. Hi there. I have entered and cleared the shelter in Maidenholm. That is, I removed the water with electric current on the floor and restore the power switch. But this does not seem to be enough to secure the area, as I cannot turn the door switch. I tried picking up the constables and carry them out of the shelter hatch, but that did not do it either. Is there something I miss, or is this a bug? Can I do something about it? I play on a PS4.
  21. Steam Build 1.3.70168 Approached cart containing Possibly Heinous Package and accidentally took down Bobbie instead of bribing him, might have not finished his dialogue. A large battle ensued with at least 4 dead bobbies and around 6 dead Wellies. Quest satus is "remove the possibly heinous Package". Cart won't activate to let me pick up package. I've tried from all angles and all hours of the day. I have saved and reloaded.
  22. Hi guys, im unable to get to any of the golden records or tree house missions as the entire road to that part of the island is underwater and I die attempting just curious if this is a known problem ? Ps4 build v1.3.70168
  23. PS4 - all updates installed. The journal stopped adding documents after the "betting on the Jubilator" note. When I pick up a note, there is a notice in the lower left that a note has been added to my journal, and the number of unread notes goes up, but I cannot scroll beyond the Jubilator betting note, nor can I see my Stats. Therefore, cannot read notes.
  24. Xbox One 1Tb, 2015 v1.3.70173 Post-update I'm now only able to load from a Last Shelter Visited save, and once that happens the Save Game option in the menu is greyed out. This becomes a problem as the game is still frequent to crashing the Parade district. I noticed under my build version there's another string of numbers following a "WS:", does that have something to do with it?
  25. Xbox one build version; 1.3.70173 The game freezes and then subsequently crashes after starting the game back up from the main menu, this has happened 4/5 times aswell as countless others while playing the game after a cut scene or loading screen. Thank you, Alex
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