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  1. I have the strange alcohol in my inventory now but the quest isn't completing. Running Windows 10 Steam version v1.1.69866
  2. Nothing major. Just on the Finding Faraday quest inside the Constabulary and I noticed it started to rain for a few minutes.
  3. Hello, I've encountered a glitch/bug on the final portion of the quest "In The Still of The Night" which requires I collect Strange Alcohol. The quest still refuses to mark it as completed and/or check the box for "Collect Strange Alcohol." even though I have filled over 15 glass bottles with the strange alcohol and they appear in my inventory. Will this be fixed? I am frustrated with the quest being incomplete as well as not receiving the skill points. I am playing on an Xbox One.
  4. 1.So first bug is when I complete a mission for example the marker stays their for almost a whole hour until it refreshes my missions and realizes that I’ve completed those missions. 2. Mysterious chest, as soon as I investigate the chest and it says wait a day or two so I wait and then it tells me it’s ready then when I go back there to the chest the missions restarts and says again investigate the chest and so on fourth it keeps repeating I’ve tried many strategies yet it’s still bugged. 3.hive mind every time I go to the hive and try to pick up the honey comb I can’t it just doesn’t even give me the option which is very frustrating I’ve tried taking off my padded jacket then putting it back on and also many other strategies still didn’t work please try to patch this in the next upcoming update:)
  5. I was half way through the game at the part where you have to make the blackberry joy and answer the door when the game froze and crashed after I loaded it back up it said delete corrupt dater and I did and now I have to start from the beginning again, it’s frustrating I’m on PS4
  6. Firstly - I'm so happy that you managed to get the game out earlier than expected. I was gutted when I heard about the initial delay. But when Amazon told me I'd be getting it on August 10th I was beyond ecstatic. I've been waiting for this release since the initial trailer and I'm so grateful it's finally here. It's wonderful to see such an active small indie development team take on such a huge project and make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, there are some issues that I believe need addressing soon. Since installing and running the game on my original PS4 console (not PS4 Pro) I have encountered numerous glitches and bugs that have been really frustrating as they've harmed an otherwise incredible experience. These are the issues that I recall having in my first 4-5 hours of playtime. 1) The introductory cinematic runs at an extremely low frame-rate and the load times are incredibly slow too (however I understand the CPU must be working hard to generate every asset). 2) The first quest I found had severe audio issues and I was forced to skip the cutscene and guess how to best go about with the objective due to a lack of info. I believe this was just before entering the brawl arena before the first bridge. 3) General slowdown during gameplay and input irregularities with combat. 4) Enemies seem to occasionally see me through walls where I should hypothetically be undetected (though this only happened once). 5) Whilst infiltrating the camp with Ollie to shut down the power I somehow got stuck inside a wooden structure. I don't know if that's a clipping issue or maybe I just did something I wasn't supposed to but I was trapped and as a result, I was caught and killed. As far as I'm aware a large patch was made available on PC which seems to have fixed some bugs, many of which I most likely haven't encountered yet, and I am grateful you are doing your best to deal with these issues. I hope that there will be a patch soon to aid how the game runs as I struggle to get above 20fps consistently and it hurts as a customer to battle through these issues while I'm playing. However, I have my faith in you. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards, Nara.
  7. Version: XBOX ONE Build: The one you've just released. Well, needless to say there are a lot of things wrong with this game, you might as well release a checklist as most people will simply not remember half of the borked things they've seen. But, so far i've had: - Crashes on loading and during various cutscenes, including the climactic escape from the mines. - Buildings missing walls so you can see through them. This is incredibly frequent, around every few corners walking through a town i'll see this. - Ragdoll weirdness. - People standing about a meter in the air. Notably this happened outside the building in which you wear the rubber suit, i can't remember the name of it. - Horrendous frame rate drops during gameplay and even worse during cut scenes, often with freezes of up to five seconds which puts the audio and video out of sync for the rest of the sequence. - NPC's standing waist deep in the floor (this happened in a doorway to building in which was my current objective, blocking progress.) - On talking to the guy that was being harassed by the Jubilator in the large circular room, the audio became extremely laggy, dialogue lines overlapping each other, ruined the audio completely until i restarted. - Other audio issues regarding quest givers not talking when they're supposed to. - Arthur sliding off platforms during a platforming section in the train station toward the end of his campaign. I was standing on top of the train and my character randomly just slid off onto an electric hazard. - Textures taking far too long to load, trying to read a sign on a wall can require standing in front of it for up to ten seconds before the texture becomes clear enough to read. - Various objects, benches, gates, cars loading low poly models that just look out of place, very distracting. - NPC's sliding across the floor, running at the speed of sound, walking through walls, that part where you get a choice to revive an overdosed lady in the street, i revived her for every NPC to start fighting her because she's a downer.... It was absolute insanity, they were just zipping around the screen swinging their weapons, levitating, hovering back and forth down the street, obviously not meant to happen. I'm sure you can release an update to fix many, even all of these issues, but please.... Let's not encourage this behavior from developers to lazily release a fully marketed product like this, in such a state that once we buy it, we have to wait longer before it's even worth the money we payed for it. It's simply shocking, the games industry is the ONLY ONE, where companies can get away with selling you a broken product, for a year later people will sing their praises because they managed to fix the issues and make it "the game it should have been in the first place". Honestly, shame on you Compulsion for pulling a stunt like this. This tactic does not fly anymore, now you have people like Jim Sterling calling you out, highlighting how stupid you must think people are to pay money first and give you the benefit of the doubt that you'll eventually give them the product they actually wanted.
  8. I am sick and tired of the game crashing upon loading. I can't progress from the parade. This is one of the buggiest games I have ever played upon release. I don't want one of your standard replies about a hotfix within the next few Weeks. That is gonna be too late. Fix it within the week or I wan't my money back. I've payed 60$ for an unplayable game.
  9. Bit of a strange bug. We've made it to Maidenholm and are in the first hatch there (it starts filled with water and electricity), coming and going as we please. When we tried to upgrade the workbench in that hatch the animation played of smoke coming out of the workbench. Apparently a bit too much smoke because my console completely shut down over it. When rebooting, it informed me that it's built to shut down when it detects a ventilation problem. Thing is, my console is out in the open and it's about fifteen degrees cooler than it's been the past couple of months where I've had no problems. Wondering if it might be the game I reloaded and tried again. Anything else seems fine (on this and other games), but when I upgrade that workbench the console thinks there's a ventilation problem and just shuts down.
  10. I’m having frame rate issues on PS4 pro. Even after the patch the frame rate is really bad an ruining the game for me.
  11. I found a bug report on this from 2017 that was stated it would be fixed, assumedly it was fixed for the PC, but on version 1.01 of the game, I have run into the same glitch on the PS4 Pro, where Crazy Legs was assigned twice with no possible conclusion for the second time, there is no runner, I have the recipe and the marker just has me walk to the "Start" line.
  12. Once I've saved and returned to menu I can no longer play that game. When I try to, all Arthur does is sit his lazy behind on a bench and reads the paper. It gives me the options to put away or stand up but nothing works. I can't pull up any menus either.
  13. Was one of the first people to grab We Happy Few on Xbox Preview back in 2016 and have been waiting for the full release with intrigue. Sadly the Full version is a total buggy mess and I write this after losing 5hrs of progress due to a game breaking bug and disappointment is real right now. 1: NPCs disappear when talking to them, literally they will just vanish right in front of you. 2: Clipping - from enemies falling through the floor to finding myself under the world suddenly whilst crouching through grass. 3: Guards that instantly reset to their starting patrol positions after moving them via distractions just for them to snap back into place without them walking back 4: Train Station bug - Story mission requires you to ring a bell to gain entry back inside station only to find shutters already up with doors closed and no bell to ring - this broke my game as had to get access to top of tower but fell through the world whilst on lift only to die and respawn outside station and could not gain entry. The first update patch needs to do a lot!!
  14. Hello, I don't know if this has already been mentioned but in my game, the quest Hive Mind was generated and it requires us if we'd like to equip a Padded Suit in order to get Honey from the bees, but even after I put it on, have a bottle in my inventory (just in case I need one for the honey), and go to the honeycomb, I am unable to even interact with the honeycomb. Sorry for the duplicate post, I just read down in the forums and saw it was reported already, thank you.
  15. So, in St.Georges Holm there is a shelter with a door that you have to lock-pick before you get to the shelter. As a normal person would think, since its a door you're probably going to re-use to access a main shelter, you would only have to lock-pick it once. BUT FUCK NO OBVIOUSLY IT FUCKING WOULDN'T DO THAT BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE LOGICAL. AND HOW DO I USE WATER FILTERS
  16. The quest "Hive Mind" is glitched. It won't let me collect the honey.
  17. Tea Cups don't auto store. They aren't classified as Crafting Components, in fact they don't appear anywhere except ALL. This means I have to always manually auto store them.
  18. As the title indicates, purchased in 2016 no code for the dlc through message or email. Message on the game website stating it would be available on launch day.
  19. I can not finish the secondary tasks. In the task "main" I activated the lever, earned the rails, and the task remained unfulfilled, but I can fast travel. In the task "in the silence of the night" I gathered booze from mushrooms and nothing. I collected 12 bottles of booze, and this task did not come true. What to do? Wait to fix it?
  20. When trying to adjust settings it will not allow me to switch the game to windowed
  21. Elenor Griffith-Jones in the first poor town near the first hatch looks like she should be sitting IN a chair, instead she is sitting on the ground with her head clipping through the chair. This is on PS4, btw.
  22. NPCs that were dead, or have been killed, are coming back to life. Unless being un-dead is a side effect of taking your Joy, I think it's a bug. I've attached a few screenshots, showing Day 1, and Day 3.
  23. Are there any plans to add a brightness adjusting element to we happy few on consoles?? It's unbearable to play as there are entire rooms that I am unable to see. My TV is a touch dark but I've never had this much of an issue before.
  24. I have gotten up to the point of getting all the parts needed to repair the machines but when I go to them nothing happens I can’t repair them. My pc crashed at the time ever since then the quest is bugged.
  25. I'm at the Parade district, but the game crashes whenever I want to complete any progression. SPOLIER For example, pressing the button to go into the future works building crashes the game. Loading most save files typically crashes the game. I've done everything, reinstalling the game, reinitialising my console, deleting corrupt save files, etc. I've waited over 3 years for this game and I'm very frustrated.
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