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  1. In the quest after being told to go find a boiler outfit, I aggrevate the workers and end up killing them. The objective changes and says to “find key on body” or something similar to that. The problem is none of the three workers have a key on them. Just curious as to if I’m missing something, or if it’s a legitimate bug.
  2. Bonjour, je voudrais signaler que le problème de la fréquence est présent sur Xbox One, Surtout quand sur vas en ville c'est quasiment injouable pour moi donc ça serait parfait une petite mise à jour régulie ça s'il vous plaît merci!
  3. I just finished Act 1 and then as soon as the camera pans away from Arthur the game crashes. When I opened the game again it said my save was corrupted and I can no longer access it. The only option is to start a new game. Is there no way to fix the corrupted save or am I just screwed and have to start over completely?
  4. Hallo nach dem rund 20. mal abstürzen hat ixh den 1. Akt dann mal fertig und der 2. krieg kurz davor anzufangen aber wie es der fall ist dann wird das gucken da ABGESTÜRZT danach wollt ich weiter machen und habe das spiel wieder mal neu gestartet. lief alles wie immer nur das mir die ps4 sagte DAS MEINE DATEN DEFEKT SIND ich hätte am liebsten die Konsole verkleinert habs dann aber gelassen und mich dafür entschieden hier eine Antwort zu bekommen also bitte liebe spielentwickler fixt das bitte weil dafür war mir das Geld echt zu schade für ein nicht fertiges spiel !!!!!
  5. Hey guys, I know you’re working hard but after the game crashed while in the parade I can no longer load any of the save files I have in there. My hand is forced and really don’t want to start new again as I have 15 hours invested already and don’t want another 15 hours to just move on to Sally. Is there any kinda of eta or progress you could share with addressing this bug? I know several others have reported it too. On the PS4 and it is the latest build, Thank you in advance
  6. PlayStation4 and the game keeps crashing for me it actually crashed so much that it deleted my game in progress
  7. i cant get the honey from the tree platform for PC pls fix and EEL PIE HOLM is Bugget as hell PLS fix ty the game is good i like the story have fun fix the game :)
  8. I play on xbox and I purchased the pre order. The game crashed and didnt load properly so I reinstalled. The game starts now. However, every time I die the game freezes and crashes. It makes finishing areas take way longer. Please fix this issue.
  9. I was playing on ps4 today and i was about to finish Arthurs story but the gane crashed when i loaded my game up it said my data was corrupted and all my save files were gone
  10. Hey guys, loving the game so far but thought I’d head here to give you heads up on bugs I’ve encountered. Platform: PS4 Build: v1.1.69541 What happened: In combat with any NPCs (haven’t tested on wastrels and downers) blowing the item ‘Bobby whistle’ causes the game to freeze and be unresponsive. Need to force exit from the PS home screen. Where: Inside all city areas What happened: Can’t read any later entries or statistics in journal after quest Haworth Lab. Stays stuck on the Jubilator derby note. Where: In journal as Arthur, after main quest at Haworth Labs. What happened: Cutscenes with dialogue don’t play. Have to hit skip to proceed. Where: Several occasions in different places. Medal quest at the start, superb meat boy and Lionel’s guard quest. What happened: Several crashes including unable to load a save when in the parade. where: various times and locations
  11. This has to be a bug, right? I'm trying to go to the other area of Lud's Holm and the bridge is just like this. I walk down it and the water instant kills me. I was actually enjoying this game but this has completely destroyed my progress. This is on PS4 btw.
  12. Platform: GOG Build: v1.1.69866 I originally sent it as a DM on reddit, but I was invited to also post it here (I will see to reproduce and add some images/videos later, but I've switched to the Steam version): -Some of the terrain generation needs work, I've found several land pits and flat squares. I also found one or two floating batches of grass (specially near the fort with the paper tanks). -The switch from 8:59 pm to 9:00 pm feels like lacking some kind of smoothing (specially outside the spanker house), the game simply switched to darker and the flowers instantly open, perhaps some kind of smoothing animation? -I've got some rolling pins in my stash but all damaged, when I go to craft something it shows 0.225/1 , I know that is the true value, but it feels weird having such small values on screen. -Weapons clustering inventory/stash (specially rusty shovels and cricket bats), perhaps some function later on to "repair" them with others, to help clear inventory and for crafting. -I've experienced at least five times NPC randomly teleporting when I approach them, both from going far away and right in front of me, still haven't been able to reproduce it at will. -Sometimes the Madame at the spaker house/rubber suit house gets stuck on her door, this became a problem when I went to the next room to get the key for her special knocker and pressed V to stun the people there, she turned aggressive and made me fail the quest to give her the key (even tho she was just unconscious). -I've found some floating houses/back alleys as well some rotated in a weird way, but the "Out for lunch" signs are floating on the position you would expect the houses to be. -The dot crosshair does not always prompt to the item you want to pick (i.e.: Metal Bits on top of a dresser, the game will prompt to the dresser, even if already searched and empty, needing to move the camera a bit to get the prompt for the item). -The "Hive Mind" quest is not possible to complete, not only the bees stagger me from doing action, there is no prompt to get the honey from their tree (all other trees are fine). -In Dr. F's house in the first dresser, there sometimes can be a floating shovel as one of the items). -Sometimes the game gives loadscreens (1-2 seconds) when walking around on the garden district, but they always on the same spot, could be that because I am using a HDD and not a SSD.
  13. When this Quest is triggered and u go up the hill and listen what they say. The 3 or 4 guys who are praying disappear after a time. (i can see the names but not the Models)
  14. Got through the bridge into maidenholm but the mission called “shocking revelations” didn’t come up at all. So I’ve got to find the safe house instead but again the second part of the mission didn’t come up. I’ve turned off the electricity, got rid of the water but it still won’t let me open the travel door. It says “secure area”. I’ve no idea what else to do now. The quest comes up on the full quest section but it’s a blank screen. There’s no information at all and it won’t come up on a map. Please help! I really don’t want to have to restart the game!
  15. Hello, Upon entering the village for the first time my frame rate dropped when getting close to the hatch, then the game completely blue screen crashed (the 3rd time in my play-through so far). When re-loading the game, I received a prompt that my save file was corrupted, the save file was then removed leaving me with zero progress after many hours of playing. Very frustrating and disappointing.
  16. Minor thing, but I figured I'd let the staff know that you can some documents with different titles and locations that share the same text. This seems like an error, given the title of the documents.
  17. What about the bobby Whist every time I blow it my next action Causes a freeze  084E54E6-0193-4B2C-A288-ADAF09BD2015.MOV
  18. Anytime I go into a new zone or complete a few mission the game will crash. This continually happened.
  19. I have We Happy Few on the PS4 and I cant equip the torch. It worked for a bit then now says its empty and has disappeared from my quick select but it shows in my inventory. I also have a full power cell which I can't get to charge the torch either, any Ideas?
  20. I've explored the whole area and most of it seems to be blocked off by metal shutters. I did manage to bypass these by falling off a cliff where the area was and going to main menu, which then put me on the other side of the shutters, but even that didn't help me any with this quest. The waypoint just keeps pointing towards the Broadcast Tower which is guarded by a red bobby and doesn't give me any information on how to progress. I vaguely remember it talking about the health building, and the note says I need to clear the Quarantine, but there is no waypoint or anything indicating where to go to do this? Anybody have any ideas on how I can complete this mission?
  21. Platform: PC ? (Steam) v.1.169866 Mode: ACT I - Arthur / Normal Player: Italian (Early Access Native) Gameplay: 17 h / Exploration of secondary missions and areas, understanding of history and game mechanics LOCALIZATION PROBLEMS (for all languages) The Red color is Urgent Fix Some kinematics don't have subtitles in any language, specifically: The final movie that closes the act of Arthur, making it particularly frustrating experience to the player is not English and who must rely only hearing to understand what happens ?In this video (WARNING SPOILER ACT 1) you can see the absence of subtitles even for the English version. The first meeting with Nick Lightbearer in "Sympathy for the Lightbearer" Signs without subtitles The newspaper articles to be censored in Arthur's office, making the decision of non-English players less immersive; Many of the almost complete posters of the Garden District. Some letters in the game have not been translated into any language. The Soviets take Berlin Suspected Downer L'O Courant - Article 2 L'O Courant - Article 3 L'O Courant - Article 4 L'O Courant - Article 5 L'O Courant - Latest edition In the list of skills, there is a bug on the font for accented letters (Link) Further communications will follow in case of missing text finds. QUESTS Completed (in this gameplay) Heal Thysealf / Regurgitation Elincidation / The Last Haltch / A Model Citizen / House Call / Sum of the Parts / Sub Terra Sub Rosa / Edie Goes Downer / Thomasina House / Plough Boy's Lunch / Public Works / Antijubilatarianism, Old Soldiers / Superb Meat Boy / Shocking Revelation / Shocking Carelessness / Look Like Rain / Love Birds / Sympathy for the Lightbearer / Madame's Magic Wand / Popped Popper / Spanker's Corner / The Church of Simon Says / Lilies of the Field / What Have We Buried / Golden Oldies / You can't beat the Odds / Meet the Neighbours / Biological Hazard / Motilene Makes You Storng / Get the Dolly / Hallucinogenic Salad / Cult of Jack / I Yam What I Yam / Mystery House / Forbidden Fruit / Treehouse / Constant Gardeners / Haute Cuisine / Stranger in a Strange Land / Bring out your dead / Wild Picnic / Everybody must get stoned / Mine mine all mine / Duck soup / A tearspoon of sugar / Shobboleth / Conflict resolution / How to be sneaky / Hydration Edification / Hostile Takeover / I sing the body eletric / The great Stink / Letter of transit / No exit / Oh, behave! / Wellington under / Dress for success / Rorke's drift bridge / Future perfect / A malpractice of Doctors / The two musketeers / Start spreding the news / Cub reporter / Band of brothers / Should Auld Acquaintance / Finding Faraday / The English Vice / Plassey bridge / The house of the inventor / Haworth Labs / Point of Departure / The scottish Play / Really Bad Gas / Sympathy for the Lightbearer Impossible to complete A sucker for science: Unable to vacuum the required gases. Nothing happens, a particular container was useful; Possibly Heinous Package: After crushing all the bobbies, it is impossible to take the package from the cart. More details here; Ceci n'est pas une pipe: the hose can not be repaired, nor can Motilene be vacuumed. Mode details here; Mistery Box: The chest always has the same letter, no variation. Moreover, after a few days it will be impossible to open it, but the map marks that there is something to be recovered in the chest; Hive Mind: Impossible to get honey from the tree. In addition, the bees continue to sting even if the required dress is worn. Resolved ambiguously Really Bad Gas: the pipe has been repaired and the shelter is active, but the mission still requires repair; (the previous "Everybody's a winner at simon Says"): The mission is completed only if the three aggressors are killed, and not simply by fleeing fear, making the request made at the beginning of the mission ambiguous; It's impossible to take Motilene for Faraday in the various areas of the city, I only managed it thanks to the "Look Like Rain" mission. Further communications will follow in the event of missions missing from the list. GENERAL BUGS Some portcullis appear closed when in reality they should be open (club of the curious behaviors) or however not accessible to the public as closed visually (soldier's house) Special objects never disappear from the inventory after being used for the mission dedicated to them, and this creates confusion in the inventory itself. At the beginning of the game, in the Garden District (story mode), when there is an angry crowd outside the church it happens that at the exit they turn too suddenly or are already back home if it takes place at night, making the scene unrealistic Sometimes in the main menu, the Uncle Jack shows in Theatre menu (but also the final kinematics and the end credits in taking Joy at the beginning of the game) tend not to want to interrupt when we want, going on video in audio even if we start a new game . To be verified because it happens. At the Parade I watched the Uncle Jack show on the "Wellington Wells museum in the future", but the video did not appear in the theater menu. Some NPCs to find a corpse remain still to observe it. NOTES In the final version, the workshop file created for "Life in Technicolour" can be selected in the subtitles menu. But I would like to know if there are plans to release the file with complete texts to allow others to contribute to the workshop with languages not supported by other foreign countries (Turkish, Swedish etc.); I did not understand the difference between a deceased person and an unconscious person; The list of memories and the Uncle Jack show in the Teatre menu would be convenient in two separate sections; I would like to make it easier to read the list of Power Up, it is very inconvenient to scroll like a list. Maybe some icons? In the announced sandbox mode, I hope there will be a return of death by hunger and thirst, or at least that this is among the selectable possibilities. There are no jubiliators in the city? NEXT TEST STEPS Act 2 Sally - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) Act 3 Ollie - Normal mode (test of missions and setting) Hard mode (AI test, Combat system, stealth and survival at the highest levels) Normal mode (Further notes on missions, texts and location) Places to analyze better: Parade, Victory Memorial, Mrs Chaney house, House of Doctors, Butcher's shop of Mr. Curry. In the future, gif will follow to better explain the bugs. Thanks for the attention. comment and add useful notes to indicate fixes to developers.
  22. This game has been nothing but bugs since I started playing ... it consistently crashes, the padded suit does not protect me from bees, I am unable to craft a boiler suit or rubber cat suit and I have no idea how to progress the main story quests past maidenholm ... I’ve already restarted the play through and I keep experiencing the same and if not even more bugs as I play through ... I waited so long for this game and all Ive received is disappointment and frustration! Please help!
  23. Hive mind mission wont let me harvest honey even with padded suit on ps4 pro in latest version. The mission “everybody must get stoned”, or a title very similar, just dissapeared from my quest log when i died trying to complete it and it wont spawn again. any time frame in which we can expect some fixes? The game itself isnt bad but borderline unplayable in current buggy state .makes bethesda games look flawless in comparison..
  24. I bought this game full price expecting a few bugs but not what I received. For a full priced game the star that it was released in was disgusting. I am actually looking to seek a refund through Microsoft if it is not patched and Patched PROPERLY soon.
  25. I pass the recommended requirements to run We Happy Few and I still get 30-40 fps in most areas of the game. I have seen other people having this problem and hope that the game can be better optimized. Please help me
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