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  1. Hi. I'm in the Maidenholm hatch (I have activated it by turning on the power and using the switch. However when I try to travel to another unlocked hatch there is no option to do so. Now I have to walk everywhere which is a little annoying. Does anybody know a way around this ?
  2. On the “No Exit” quest to get the Lud’s Holm hatch open, I died after flipping the switch on the hatch out by the mushroom house and now (after respawning) the quest is saying I still need to flip the access hatch switch to complete the quest. The switch is already flipped and I’m able to use the access hatch but the quest won’t complete. I am playing the game on PS4
  3. I have also run into an issue where the game will crash with extended play on PS4 and it happened often but I just booted it back up but this time it corrupted all my data with 15 hours of play. I'm trying to muster up going through it again but I don't want it crashing on me again and repeating the issue.
  4. In the shelter where there are the electrified bobbies and the one where there are the plauged wasterals I am not able to secure the area, I have tried to restart my game and it has not worked. Also when I use the bobby whistle within 10 seconds my game will freeze, resulting in me having to restart the game over from my last checkpoint/save before it froze. Any ideas on why this is happening/possibilities of it being fixed soon, I would love being able to fast travel between certain areas.
  5. Hello, the game is great so far but I have encountered a lot of bug. I have the crazy leg, hive mind and the jubilator grand derby note bug mentioned in other post. I also have a bug with the quest A model citizen, I activate the track before getting the key by following another guy in the room and now I cant complete the quest. I also have notice that the map don't auto refresh. Quest and dig spot I have done stay on the map and only disappear after I load a save. My game also crashed at least 10 times in the last 3 days. I am on ps4. thank for the great game and hoping for a fix soon.
  6. I've been playing this game non stop since I bought it, but the bugs are terrible. The game seems to crash a lot, and recently I've experienced I can't view new items in my notes. I feel like the notes are an important part of the story and I'm missing out.
  7. After defeting the jubilator the aduio gets all messed up. I've only played through once but I think I saw someone complaining about this on a steam thread. Still love the game and the story is great so far!
  8. Played through Act 2 and found these bugs. Other than this, the game is great fun! Ps4, v 1.1.69541 GRASS GLITCH Textures around certain Named NPC homes display a green alpha texture on the ground. Doctors House, Dr. Faraday, etc. FLOATING ITEMS/NPCS Some NPCS and a manhole were found floating above ground in Maiden Holm. ITEMS TO STASH MENU FREEZE When sending items to stash, the confirmation window becomes stuck on screen, even when backing out of the stash menu altogether. Disappears after a minute or so. Only on Sallys playthrough (so far). NPCS WANDER THROUGH LAB Not really a glitch, but something I would assume isn't supposed to happen. NPCS wander inside of Sallys lab. When 'answer the door' is part of the quest line, NPCS can open the door and trigger the following cutscene, no matter where in the house the Player is. PITUITARY EXTRACTOR NOT SHOWING When the extractor is equipped, it doesn't show in players hand and makes it difficult to know whether it is equipped and ready or not. 'COMPLETED' QUEST LOG MIXED UP 'Completed' identification tag was in the 'Imcompleted' quests section. (See attached image) GET SLEEPTITE BUG This quest will mark as complete if Sally has had SLEEPTITE in her inventory before, but got rid of/used it before accepting this quest. Possible reason for above 'menu' bug PEACHY'S FINAL MISSION The doors in the house say 'lockpick required' with no option to apply a lockpick. Needs to say 'jammed' or something of the like, so as not to mislead.
  9. So i have been playing act 2 and have gotten up to the quest called Ex Cathedra, story quest. It asks me to find the train key, that would be good if the body or the area had the key. I am now stuck in an area i can not get out of. I have even gone back a few quests to see if it would work.. still no key. would like to know if there is a fix or do i have to restart the whole game again?
  10. I'm trying to do the possibly heinous package quest but after the cutscene with the guard next to the flowers, there is no package for me to pick up
  11. So I played Arthur's story without any fuss at all. Besides frame rate drops I didn't encounter any bugs. With Sally... I haven't been so lucky. I've searched around and can't find anything about this so I thought I'd post it. I can't pick locks as Sally. I looked EVERYWHERE for 2 Bobby pins so that I can progress Peachy's Final Mission. And so I craft the lockpick I spent 30 minutes looking for materials for, and it doesn't work. This is pretty worrying since lockpicking is kiiiind of essential
  12. Hi, I’m playing on Xbox one and after I returned the doll I was prompted to go upstairs. I went through the hallway while everyone was watching the play however when I got to the locked door it wouldn’t unlock even with several lock picks in my inventory. It kept saying “x- open (requires lockpick)” but then there was no “y- pick lock” so without a way to complete the mission and “find out what’s upstairs”...I killed everyone who was watching and then failed the mission lol. *also (it’s within the same mission) the lunatic, agent what’s his name? (that Arthur rescues peachy for) was glitched and only appeared underneath the treehouse. He was still accessible but clearly should’ve been behind the grate inside the treehouse.
  13. The game has been absolutely wonderful so far, but I can't seem to progress since when doing the "I sing Body Electric" quest, none of the bodies have anything on them so I can't get the key in order to progress with the quest.
  14. I dont even know where to begin. pop-ins every 5 steps. texture breaks. quests are super buggy. it crashes all the time. frame rate is insulting. NPCs disappear when interacted with. they arent visually rendered properly. its really unplayable. physics are awful. screen tears left and right. this cost me 60? damn
  15. There are two quests that have broken on me. The first is "In the Still of Night" I have completed all the objectives. I am collecting the strange alcohol. But, for some reason it's not completing the quest. The second quest is Ceci n'est pas une pipe" I picked the lick to open the gate instead of using the key card. When I did this, the quest marker didn't update. I then fixed the valve with the old quest marker not updated. It detonated, but now I cant collect the goo. I went to get the key card to see if that would fix it. While it did update the quest marker, it's now stuck on fix the pipe. Since I already did this, I can't do it again and the quest is broken.
  16. I was so excited for this game. I was so excited to support a smaller game company. The game was fun. The regular little bugs never bother me, and in fact I find them charmingly funny. The every day crashing, and the fact that I spent a week immersed in your game only to have all of my data null and void is beyond frustrating.
  17. Hi, there is a bug while browning through the Documents as Ollie, the cursor (PS4) stucks at the Mysterious Note/Mysterious Letter and won't let you scroll down any further.
  18. Upon entering the parade district at night and triggering the "finding the hatch mission" (not spoiling) my game completely crashed and upon relaunch of the game my save was completely corrupted, all my hard work completing 100% up to this point is gone!
  19. Spent like several hours on the PS4 just trying to find anything required to pick locks, looked in every House and trash can and found nothing was only by chance I got the required tools off at Bobby I slaughtered to finish the quest to Repairs Sally's lab.
  20. Hi Compulsion! Just wanted to report my game kept crashing after turning the alarm off in Gemmas place. After awhile it stopped but still good to note. There is also no heinous package for me to pick up or it wont let me pick it up for the Quest Superb Meat Boy. Thanks!
  21. Xbox One version. Occasionally I will creep up on an NPC and hold Y to take down but rather than perform a takedown it instantly kills the NPC and automatically I am carrying it.
  22. So as the title says my playthrough ends in Maidenholm because the Bobby HQ wasnt even generated on my map... I play the Steamversion on the Build v1.1.69866 .
  23. Upon completing A Model Citizen, the final step is to activate the track access hatch. I had already done this before completing the mission and now the mission will not complete. Ps4
  24. Game is wonderful but framerate makes it unplayable ( Xbox One X ) is no one check the game before release? how it is possible? I am very upset Compulsion games i don't play until this frame problem solved.
  25. I have had my xbox one x since day one. It is the project scorpio edition. I play for 5 to 12 hours a day about 5 days out of the week. I've never had a problem with my xbox one x shutting down until I played We Happy Few. Every time I go to upgrade a workshop my xbox shuts down. When I go to boot it back up it says that my xbox overheated. I'll touch my xbox and its warm but not hot. Doesn't matter if I am playing the game for 5 minutes or 5 hours, it always shuts down my xbox when I go to upgrade a workshop. Anyone else having this problem?
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