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Found 33 results

  1. I can't get my saved games to load at all. I've tried loading various saves - last shelter, auto, and two different manual saves - or hitting continue but nothing works. It loads about 90% of the way, freezes and makes an awful noise. Then just closes to the home screen. https://vimeo.com/284502770
  2. As the title indicates, purchased in 2016 no code for the dlc through message or email. Message on the game website stating it would be available on launch day.
  3. I have gotten up to the point of getting all the parts needed to repair the machines but when I go to them nothing happens I can’t repair them. My pc crashed at the time ever since then the quest is bugged.
  4. After NPCs clam down from chasing me my game freezes but i can hear sounds, i'm on version 1.1.69578
  5. Hello, I've been playing the game on PS4. Put over 10 hours into it only for it to crash and tell me my save file is corrupted. It will not let me load or continue and only lets me start a new game. Is there a fix for this? I love the game but I'd hate to start over only for this to happen again.
  6. game is crashing to dashboard on loading screen for me alot anyone have this problem?
  7. I play on xbox one and when i return to the game i cannot load my auto save due to the game crashing so i have to load my manual save, which happens to be 2 hours of gameplay behind what i reached up to before the crash. What can i do?
  8. I bought a physical copy of We Happy Few for XBox One and put it into my One X and it wouldn't read. The disc would spin and then just stop spinning and nothing would happen; the icon didn't show up or anything. We tried rebooting and it didn't change anything, tried other discs and they all worked fine. So I returned the game for a new copy and THE SAME THING HAPPENED. How is it that no one else is having this problem but it happened to me twice in a row!? I'm going to return this copy and put the money towards buying a digital copy because apparently the discs are worthless.
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