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Found 3 results

  1. πŸ’»PC steam (italian user). Ver. 1.7.79954 πŸ•ΉοΈArcade mode: Survival βš™οΈUsed parameters: Little Islands, linear Arthur No permadeath* Normal difficulty *There are two reasons if I have specifically chosen not to use permadeath and especially small islands: The gaming experience (at least for me that explores every single area to get as many objects as possible) takes a lot of time, and is quite difficult with a permadeath that prevents you from saving. I believe it is appropriate to implement an algorithm in which the player can only rely on automatic saves and that these are invalid as soon as there is death in the game. I had a very annoying bug: sometimes, when I change island (even with fast travels or in the bridges), the game stops in endless uploads that force me to force the game to stop, and therefore lose the game in progress. I repeated the mode 3 times, and after the umpteenth loss of the game, I decided not to use permadeath. I still had some infinite saving during the session I am reviewing, I could only enjoy survival until the end thanks to "no permadeath". ---------------------------------- GAME EXPERIENCE the game was very satisfying from a gameplay point of view: I had to make various choices during my game (what to leave and what to bring with me, on what to enhance, etc.), although I believe that all the parameters given to the single objects must be absolutely respected even in the story mode (a single berry cannot completely satisfy the character hungry πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ). I've already talked about it here. It will be interesting to test the mode again even with Sally and Ollie . However, I cannot criticize Arthur's pre-set voicelines, which are all taken from the story mode, which makes me skeptical of not correcting this very marginal detail. Another note is that of having practically all the same shelters, differentiated only between the village and the garden district, more variety should be introduced. Gameplay note to the editorial office of the O'Courant: in the secret office of the manager, there is the stuffed dog (with which it is impossible to have an interaction) is the Holy Yam that catapults us into a world containing two white bobbies (super dangerous) ... but why ?! There is no reward inside the landscape, but only dangers. it was frustrating to have nothing in return after facing the two bobbies, and the panorama that presents itself is not a valid reason to risk losing (especially if it is in the first island 😀). BUG NOTES The names of the shelters are all the same (Eel Pie 1 or Wraxhall) and there is considerable confusion when using fast travels 😡. Some objects of the game are marked as "mission objects" (such as the ephemeral linen or the mechanical extractor), and take up a lot of inventory graphically speaking, making it impossible to be able to remove or sell them. Sometimes the sound of golden piles, masks and bridges do not disappear, and continue to make noise. Some citizens of the village (especially the workers) have no hair. it is expected? QUALITY DETAILS I'm a big fan of your commitment and your growth path. I know how you grew up and I know that the steps have been enormous. However I want to help notify the (not rare) problems of generating elements on the map. Surely you are doing your best so that there will always be more, but I beg you to work on it until the end. At least make sure that they no longer exist before concluding the "We Happy Few" project and move on to another one. The details are important πŸ˜‰ seeing these glitches makes the potential buyers of the game skeptical, and it's really a pity πŸ˜₯. The same goes for the ragdoll: the positions of some NPCs on the ground are really absurd. and this does not make us think "it is ironic" but it does say "well, it seems there has not been a study on the matter" ... it doesn't make me laugh to see these bodies land like this πŸ˜•, it just makes me think about how it would have been better to have bodies with more realistic joints and coherent with the human anatomy ... or, to be able to make better use of the environment with them: why I cannot hide the bodies of the victims in the tanks, in the closet, etc. (all places I can hide), but only in trash cans? Or even the fact of having people fainted forever: there is no difference between being killed and stunned. ------------------------------------------ Thank you for reading the feedback, I will try to send you other feedback (I wait for the fix at the DLC! No solution proposed by Gerabox's assistance or by e-mail has worked! πŸ˜₯)
  2. PC Steam, last version (25 mar) - italian user I am very much appreciating the constant work of the development team. and I look forward to playing the new dlc. Meanwhile, let me illustrate the first opinions on this patch. And I look forward to playing the new dlc. Meanwhile, let me illustrate the first opinions on this patch. πŸ€— Survival Mode I was extremely positive about reviewing all the elements of survival in the game again. I can finally get back all those tricks I had lost with the full version in just the story mode. 😍 I also noticed a certain commitment to creating more street activities by the NPC of Wellington Wells (those who sell newspapers, despair on the ground, etc.) excellent choice. The plot is reduced to a minimum, which can also be there, but I still have some doubts about choosing to completely separate the survival experience from the story mode (I talk about it better at the bottom). as a sole complaint, I would like to have some steam-related achievements related to the mode. I noticed some strange bugs, for example sally at first manages to stun enemies even if he doesn't have any K.O syringe. in the inventory or Arthur that, although there is a high id signal overweight in the inventory, he manages to transport everything without any handicap in the movement. πŸ™ƒ Finally, it is quite annoying that even in survival mode Arthur it has more vocal voiceline than the other characters with all the features of a tutorial (when it picks up a fruit for the first time, when it forces a trunk with a lockpick for the first time, etc.) 😬 Night's Watch I find it wonderful. I love how the difficulty increases along with the various NPCs that are added. I have not yet tested the hard mode (I hope that there are NPCs with weapons and shoes / clothes that are consumed that force us to do more shopping), but I had the pleasure of reaching about 10 days in normal mode and 30 in easy mode. here too I ask that there are steam achievements connected to the game mode. πŸ’ͺ I also propose an online list in which to record the statistics records of the various users of the game (who opened more trunks, who survived more nights in one mode, who collected more money, etc.) Sandbox nothing to say ... apart from minor connection errors between buildings (but I think it's normal) πŸ˜… New UI I believe there is something to be solved visually. I do not speak so much of the organization, but of its aesthetic level πŸ€”. For example, I noticed how easy it is to superimpose story mode saves over survival mode and sandbox saves. it would therefore be useful to have small icons that show what kind of rescue is being touched (history, sandbox and survival). Perhaps it would be the case to organize it for very distinct colors (such as bordeaux, purple and blue) ... the same also for the UI of the arcade, it is organized but visually it is sad. I remember when you created the three modes (birdwatching, vigilante and downer) with well-made cultured icons. It would be dear to propose them in the selection of the arcade. or set it up as the inside of Joy's cabin: I imagine an interface where you can see the three tubes of the Joy booth that, instead of being written in tastes, there are instead the label of the arcade game mode you are choosing. πŸ’Š Another suggestion is to make the most of the DLC graphics: they all look like movie posters, so why not create an interface where all three DLC posters look like the outside of a cinema? 🎞️For those that should still come out you could put the word "coming soon" while those to buy a direct link to the store you want (steam etc.) Perplexities still existing: 10 minutes in story mode I wanted to retry the story mode (Hard) to see if at least in this difficulty I would have had some stimulus in survival. unfortunately I noticed that again (paradoxically) a single blue berrie satisfies me completely or like a single hour of sleep makes me completely rested (the same as a tea cup) ... and frankly this disappoints me a little. At least for the hard mode, I'd like to have both the story and the real survival element. There are people like me who really want to make sense of the great amount of elements necessary for survival in the story mode, perhaps it is even essential for the player to be able to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the game at 100% once he has learned to understand how it should survive. Power Up could come when the player has 100% of a primary need. I thank you for giving us the old way of survival, but we also want to see a true wellington wells, in which we also risk real hunger in history ... at least in Hard mode. πŸ˜• I would like to highlight a particular note of the prologue that I had already expressed in the past but which has not been solved: there are no subtitles yet when reading newspaper articles that Arthur goes to censor / approve. from the redactor machine. There are also some achievements related to these choices, and it is quite serious not being able to read them in own language. A final technical note: why is there no animation to climb the ladders while going down to risk falling? πŸ™ƒ --------------- I will be able to create more in-depth feedback in the individual elements in the coming days (but possibly after the DLC release), I hope it will help you to get a complete opinion from a very affectionate player. Thanks for everything, the wait was well deserved.
  3. Don't know if this is a bug, for I have only failed one quest (and by failed I mean beat an old lady over the head with a shovel), but when you do fail a quest, the Quest stays in your quests journal, however it is marked red and the objectives are crossed out. Is this supposed to happen or is this just an error? If in the future maybe have it move to a Failed Quests category below completed. The quest in question is Madame's, Magic Wand. Cheers -Artyom
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