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Found 27 results

  1. On Sally's playthrough anytime I it anyone with a berserk dart they simply run away and no one notices them (or if they ee me I get attacked). This happens on all npcs, bobbies, wastrels, wellies anyone.
  2. The slaughterers apprentice quest is giving me trouble. Online says to enter the rubbish bin in the cellar but there is no rubbish bin at all. I'm supposed to hide from the butcher in the rubbish bin and I think sneak attack him?? Well, I watched walk throughs and read everything online and they all have a bin in their games but mine is a box and I still get caught. I end up getting shocked and have to do it all over again. Crouching into the box doesn't seem to be the answer because I get got every time. Why do I have a box? How do I do this? I can't find anyone with a box in theirs
  3. Xbox One v1.7.79954 After leaving Dr. Faradays lab with the objective “The Two Musketeers” and •Make it up to Sally, I made it to Maidenholm and got killed for having no joy. I was resonances back in Faradays lab however I couldn’t leave as the cage door is shut with no possible way out. I have no recent save game and don’t want to go all the way back to day 3... please help me out here.
  4. I am currently playing We Happy Few on Xbox One on build v1.7.79954. There are no updates available. The line below that says WS:93CE53AA4967F9E6F26F17BA43D4FDFA. Everywhere I read, it's stated that you earn at least one skill point for every side mission or main mission you complete. I've completed a handful, and the only skill point I've gotten was the one where the game instructs you to unlock the Sweet Dreams skill. Could someone please help?
  5. I can't complete the game due to the game not letting me into Nick lightbearers hideout in the mission So foul and Faraday. The game just brings me back to the room where we enter nicks hideout, as in when I press the hold to enter nicks hideout, it gives a black screen and couple of sounds as if it actually taking me to the hideout but, after the lack screen it just takes me back to room in which you enter nicks hideout.
  6. I was playing the game on Xbox One and upon getting to Edward's house and going around to the back door, I found out it was closed up tight. By that, I mean the defense shutters.....what uh...is this a bug with the quest line or is it something I've done wrong? I'd like a little help, wanting to finish all quests possible before finishing as Arthur. The game is fully updated, recently installed, and the system as far as I'm aware is up to date as well. If I left out any other needed information, please let me know.
  7. I'm currently playing the UWP version of We Happy Few. After unlocking the next island in survival mode and going into town i noticed that all of the npc characters were gone and the town was completely empty. I tried backtracking to the garden district only to notice all of the npcs there were now gone too. Started up a fresh game and made it about 8 hours in only for the same issue to happen. Out of the 4 islands i have unlocked the npcs are now totally gone with the exception of only 1 of the islands still having npc characters. There is no way to respawn them leaving me with 2 survival mode runs now ruined by this bug. This is seriously game breaking and frustrating.
  8. I finished the Future Perfect quest and Malpractice of doctors won’t start. The objectives are complete, I have the quest item (Frammistat) in my inventory, but it won’t trigger the quest to complete and the next to start. Playing on PS4
  9. Was trying to get the saint achievement on Xbox, 40 non lethal kills and 16 hours into Arthur's adventure I tripped a mine killing a single rat in a cellar. Granted me a murder, 1 murder & 40 non lethals thus nullifying all my time creeping about. PLEASE FIX. (IRL) Im positive im not a murderer for crushing venomous spiders on my bed, so why is *accidentally* detonating a plague rat so unforgiving? Perhaps more than 0.05% of people can enjoy doing this if fixed. Thanks- tor001/parrypillpopper. Build v1.6.75622 xbox one elite 1tb
  10. (Xbox one game pass) I've gone to the house and stolen peachy back but the loony in the tree is just turned around and won't talk to me. I can't complete the quest unless the little weirdo turns round how can this be resolved?
  11. Pretty self explanatory, rain inside a office building. Hopefully a easy fix, or graphically install a few nozzles. (Maybe its the fire sprinklers gone off?) Lmk if your fixing these bugs still- Just want to see one of my favorite games at its best. Thanks devs, Eagerly awaiting DLC. 20190222_162637.mp4
  12. Build: v 1.6.75622 on 22-02-2019_10-36-28_AM-2mnzupfv.mp4 Xbox One Hi, I'm Trying to finish the cult of jack mission and cant get the final chest because of a wall in the house.
  13. I was using a first aid kit to not bleed out during sallys cinematic where she meets Arthur and collects yhe cod liver oil. I apparantly entered the bit of cell that loads the cutscene. Anyways~~ I successfully bleed out during the scene, the bug occurs when i respawn in the unlit(thought it was lit for arthur, maybe fix the power) plauge bunker, Eel pie Holm 1.? Anyways all the bodies disappeared, i woke up on the floor with all but hydrated buff, and theres a collision error apparantly as a wastrel is halfway through the floor swinging, yelling poetry at me. Build # v1.6.75622. Photo w video included. Xbox tags: Tor001 well, we've come to the end of this report. Have a cheery day mates 20190217_141454.mp4
  14. So, I'm on Sally's play-through and I just found the quest for The Vandals Stole the Handle. I had to get the stuff for the water filter (metal tube) so I was searching around for that one piece left. Once I found it, I made the water filter and went back to the quest marker where the broken pump is. It won't let me fix the pump. It gives no option at all. I'm playing on PS4. My build is v1.572580. It's not a major bug or anything. When I closed the game and restarted it, the quest worked. I just thought you might want to know about the bug.
  15. On the mission “SO FOUL AND FARADAY” after collecting the unicorn song, I’ve traveled to Faraday’s lab, once I’m at the door, it says “locked”. I’m not confusing it with the other door that says “jammed”. I know that’s not possible to get in to. I’m playing on PS4. I’ve tried saving and re-loading, coming back at different times of the day, travelling to another city and back. Nothing I do seems to work. Any ideas or tips on what I could do to resolve the issue? I’ve done every other side quest possible so the only thing for me to do now is this mission. Since I’ve been stuck and had no other alternatives, I had to take a break from the game in hope that there might be and update to fix the issues. I’ve come back a month later and still the same thing is happening. Let me know if any ideas come to mind please. Cheers Kris
  16. I’m stuck on the Letter of Transit quest, I can’t lift the quarantine. I’ve tried everything, I’ve been all around the area and I can’t do it. I feel like there’s something wrong with the game. Some please help, thank you.
  17. Platform: Xbox One I started the game after the 1.6 update, I have discovered every Shelter and the achievement didn't pop. No idea what to do to solve this issue, anyway i keep a save prior last hatch located in the Parade in case this problem gets solved in a future update.
  18. I'm currently in the plague wasted part trying to release the doctor. I've gone to a house with a spilling pipe of that purple chemical you're required to get and any time I approach it to vacuum it up or the pile at the makes you stronger quest, it loads 3/4 and then Arthur shows the vacuum as entirely empty and it doesn't collect. Is there something I am doing incorrectly or is this simply a bug?
  19. I have invested hours and hours into this game to now get smacked with fact I won’t be able to get all achievements. I’m on Sally playthrough and the side quest for The Framers won’t appear. Only quest I have left is a point of no return, I have completed all quest including the Salty Dog. For some reason they put a Mask - what boys want - in this side quest, now I can’t get it. What is the solution to this other than just stop playing because the game won’t give me quest?
  20. Hello, I cannot complete the chest quest! Ive been doing this for many days in game time. I open the chest, and wait a day or two. Sometimes there is an item in the chest, but i cannot grap it. Is the problem that I cant grab it? How do i complete this quest??
  21. I am currently experiencing difficulty completing the mission “The Great Stink” and I think something is wrong with the game. It’s very frustrating to not be able to progress. I have flipped the power switches in maintenance rooms 1 and 3 and have turned all three red valves clockwise, however I am still not able to flip the switch in maintenance room 2. I watched a YouTube tutorial on the mission and when the player rotated all three red valves he had no problem flipping the switch. Not only that, but now when I walk up to the two red valves inside of maintenance room 2 they will not highlight/be recognized anymore and I do not have the option of turning the counterclockwise like I do on the red valve located in the other room. What is going wrong here? Please help me because as I said, it’s very frustrating to not be able to advance in a game I was enjoying.
  22. I'm playing on PC, Steam, build 1.5.72378 . The prompt to bribe bobbies seems to appear or not appear almost randomly. There doesn't seem to be any reason as to when it does or does not appear. When the prompt does appear, bribing doesn't work. Most of the time when I attempt a bribe, things pause as if an animation is playing (I can't move for several seconds), and the Scotch (or other alcohol) disappears from my inventory, but nothing else changes. The bobby doesn't act as though he's consumed any alcohol afterwards. Occasionally I'll find a bobby where the animation actually plays and he'll become intoxicated, but the majority of the time, I'm just losing scotch and not seeing any change.
  23. I have a bug in my current play through while doing the Cathouse quest with Ollie. After I knock on the door while wearing the boiler suit the ladies start their talking but after Ollie says his name, nothing else happens. The ladies go back to their small talk with each other and I cannot continue the quest. Platform: PS4 Build: v1.5.72580
  24. Hello there, as the title says my quest "constant gardeners" just got bugged. Once I finally found some neximide I went back to and gave it to Bob, but after giving it to him he thanked me said "here you go" and went back into vomiting, plus the quest in my journal now appears as failed (objective has been red crossed). Is there any way to work around this? Maybe with the ingame console? I'm playing on PC (gog version) Build: v1.3.70168 World seed: F7E1B61D4755F3DE438443AAC92CE76F Game setup: Arthur, story, hard
  25. Hi, I'm on a PS4, build v 1.1.69541. I started the Butchers Apprentice quest, saw both impatient people, and killed the gang who had beaten him up - but for some reason I can't talk to the Apprentice? Is it because I didn't 'scare ' them off, instead killed them? Link to recording:
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