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  1. I'm replaying the game, and this where the bugs I couldcould catch. I'll post later about the others acts. Xbox 1 Version 1.4/1.5 The menu: cinema If you pause the video for approximately five minutes, the subtitles are gone and I think they aren't in sync with the video (sometimes is rushing and some other dragging) Borrow Holm Arthur clImbed and he sank on the floor. When he got out I could see his hands moving while walking (which I think looks cool) and when he was digging it looked shapeless. It all fix when entering to the headboy camp (it's also great that the bugs can fix themselves when loading) Eel Pie Holm Sometimes some herbs (specially the "serbia") cannot be picked up. When getting out of the house refuge it seems to be a little lag. (it happened to me a lot, even in version 1.3). Also while walking (on a random place of the holm) it seemed to happen the same thing. On the mission The Still of the Night, the description of the action changes language, in my case English instead of Spanish When finding the quest duck soup, Arthur says the line, but after that he spontaneously says it's again. This happen just one time. But when digging the chest wasn't there, it appeared until the third digging. Maidenholm In the refugee the bobbies appear like they are alive when they are dead. In the night sometimes there are footprints when there's no one. When loading the game it sounds like a Tesla turbine is activated. The scene where you talk with Lightbearer for the first time it does not have subtitles This is kind of a question and if not its a very important bug to fix. I can't remember the name of the quest, but is when you learn to make the rubber suit. This is my second time playing it and I couldn't find the quest. I searched all over the place St George Holm In the refugee rains inside the house. Same in Haworths Lab In the queue "El mozo del carnicero" when you try to talk to an impatient person it doesn't play the video. Instead it's like just any other PNJ Investigating the Haworth's lab when you find the subjects you start hearing people cheering for Lightbearer. Doing the meatboy quest, when carrying Ed I trow him and suddenly I did a massive jump to the sky and fell (obviously I had critical damage) While robbing the house of the doctors the subtitles went crazy. And a Doctor is in the middle of the table. And it still changes the language in some instructions. Parade It is supper complicated to load a save game being here. While loading the game, the bar was full and it was all normal but when Arthur was supposed to appear it all was black. It happened 3 times already, it didn't when I saved at St George. Malpractice of Doctors, when entering the health institute the subtitles didn't shown. In the last scene the subtitles are in Spanish and English. Everywhere Sometime when I try to neutralize someone, when I approach them they are already dead. When talking to a pnj the get sunk and get stuck in the same place but the animation of walking still works The subtitles don't show up correctly, in other words you cannot read when you hear/watch Uncle Jack Crash When carrying the meatboy to deliver the packages (the pub was too far in my map). Í was walking when suddenly crashed.
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