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  1. In some Reality there is exist the video game ContrastS, the second part of a trilogy series, were the first game was a brief introduction, the second takes of around 12 years after the first, were Didi is an adult & since her teenage years on the search for Didi & Vincenzo & also trying to understand the other world, because they never came back. One day as Didi decides to finally turn away from her chase Dawn visits her & tells her, that she must come to another world to help Vincenzo, after all she is good in solving troubles, & also Dawn cant do it by her own, she needs another person with this special ability. & So its a gameplay where you control both Didi & Dawn with this shift abilities. In the story its unfolded, that there is an community that guards the use of this ability. & Vincento automatically becomes a member after he manages to get into the reality shift. By the members he was explained & ordered to follow rules, that he violated with hiding Didi with her abilities & so excluding her from this society. Later its revealed that Vincento was uncovering a conspiracy within the society, & he wanted to protect her daughter from the community, that wasn't safe with the conspiracy ongoing, were some Member wanted to kill all other members (but must first figure out how to trap them, so they couldn't expect) & this conspirators intended to rebuild a new order & conquer with their ability all other Realities & the humans, that wasn't aware of it. Also in context of a story with enemies, there could be to the platforming-puzzle gameplay character be added some fighting-action (of course it would be on the PS5/ new Xbox & strong PC) After Didi with Dawns help & Vincento defeats the Mastermind behind this conspiracy, it is revealed that there is a hidden Organization, that oversees this members of the society & is hidden in a secret reality in a castle & labyrinth garden, where the first human exploring & f this Shift-Possibility resides & because of the trios(Didi,Dawn,Vincento) bravery & ability he wants to thank them for protecting his former organization & also become a member of this deep secret society, were he will show & teach them far more, that they could thing of & so in the scholar-spirit they accept the offer & go into this hidden reality where the founder of the society of reality shift watchers resides & who is also the first user & also is accompanied by an group of extraordinary individuals. There starts the 3rd video game, Contrast3, where more story twist unfold & more World-building is done.
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