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  1. I play WHF on ps4. I managed to beat the game once and play the dlc. Once the last dlc was released and I played it and finished it, a few months later I decided to start over again. The lag and FPS is absolutely terrible. The textures in the game don’t load fully, houses don’t load, some buildings are invisible until I run into them, I crash when running as sally, the colorful sidewalks in the villages don’t load so I’m walking on blurry rainbows the whole time. I have no idea what has happened. I don’t have any bugs in the game, my only issue is strictly performance and textures. I have more than enough space on my PS4. For the game, I reinstalled it a few times, rebuilt my PS4, etc and no fix. I have talked to tech support a few times about this issue before. They kept telling me to reinstall and delete my saves but seriously I don’t have any saves to delete because my intentions were to start over but the game is in a unbearable state to play now. It was not like this when I first bought it or when I played the first 2 dlcs. Something must’ve happened between the 3rd dlc and now to make the game unplayable.
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