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  1. i dont think so. theres no update since the past 2 years, no news bout events or new ideas. they thought about a 2nd part and a movie but the game was not hyped that much to follow these ideas or invest in them. i hoppe bc of the xbox and ps4/5 version the game gets more rewards and the attention and hype the game and the creators deserve. maybe after some time they rethink the idea
  2. I totally agree with you ! its such an amazing game with a deep story, different characters with other stories and skills. so much love for details, tasks, other mysteries and fun. crafting, fighting, survival, u literally have to thing about your next steps. the style, the plot, the mini games and DLC´s show how much time, hard work and love they invested in this amzing game ! i was also very hyped when they announced they have ideas for a movie or a part 2 of the game and i still am and hope some day it will be another part or the movie in progress. a real masterpiece an still really enjoying it after these years ! wish for more pls pls pls !!!!!!!!!!!! <3 ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕
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