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  1. This game filled with bugs, ive stopped trying to do side quest, 2 quest litterally cannot complete object/persons are not spawning. Had nearly 5 others giving me a hard time cause of the bugs
  2. Hi im on PS4 build v1.9.88878 I got the crazy legs quest, which i didn't do right away, i saw the guy running around but ignoresd him. I did another quest, and upon returning to crazy legs quest, the man was no where around. I made sure to come during the day, ive wandered all around the village, I've waited around the Start banner, but i never see him Went online to try and find a solution, apparently the quest marker is suppose to be leading to the man? The quest marker for me is on a radom street with occasional NPC passing by. I did other quests, came back, but still crazy legs is no where to be seen. Idk if it's a glitch or if im just really unlucky thanks for any help!
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