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  1. This exact problem is happening to me, too. I'm playing on PS4. It's occurring to me when speaking to the Bobby sitting at the front desk. I have the press pass in my possession but it won't recognize that it's in my inventory and keeps telling me I need to go back to the press office and get it. I've tried deleting my cache, restarting the PS4, all the usual stuff, but nothing is working. Any idea on how to fix this?
  2. I'm also having a problem with the Haworth Labs mission, but the game doesn't crash. It just won't let me continue playing. I need to get into the laboratory. I went to the press office and got the press pass. It’s in my inventory. But when I returned to the lab, I was told I needed a press pass. I’ve tried returning to the press office and restarting the game, but it won’t recognize that I have the press pass in my inventory. Does anyone know how to fix this? Gearbox told me to delete my cache and I did, but it's still not working.
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