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  1. Who ever you hired to play Jack is such a good actor for this role. I do hope we see more of him in the game and he's not just a "side character " who pops up on the telly every now and then. Kodi nox
  2. In the third conditional, we usually use a short form of had and had not when we speak: I had = I'd, I had not = I hadn’t. We also use a short form of would and would not: I would = I'd, he would = he'd, I would not = I wouldn’t, etc. Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  3. The proposed course's learning results incorporate exhibiting capability in applying media and programming procedures inside the setting of PC games, making progress toward a harmony between the viability of a programming strategy and the ideal nature of a game impact.
  4. Seeing widgets integrated into the home screen made me feel sad and nostalgic for Windows phones.
  5. xlikoic


    I started my Hot Wheels collection with Land Rovers so I love this latest addition to the Hot Wheels family! The blue Kia Stinger is outstanding as well! I think both are going to be highly collectable! 👍👍 Kodi nox
  6. Golly willakers, your live action always blends so seamlessly with the game! Costumes and attention to detail is amazing. I joyfully tip my hat to you and everyone involved!!! Tutuapp 9apps Showbox
  7. Absolutely do not depend on mac for really any game. It is very hit or miss and it will probably not come to mac at all.
  8. xlikoic

    Forum on mobile

    Today I discovered ' Disourse ' from Google for Android. With this app installed you are kept up to date about forum content changes at a glance. I give it a spin right now, my first impression is OK so far. Supplement: My second impression after 4 hours of use is good, Notifications of new posts and messages are displayed reliably and you get in the notification field a hint as well as an acoustic signal.
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