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  1. Wanted to post my review of the game on xbox marketplace and see what everyone thinks, don’t mind if anyone disagrees but this is my opinion after completing Arthur’s story, and some of Sally’s (could not finish hers, the baby was too annoying.) “The concept is genius, however, the frame rate, NPC stupidity and survival elements let it down greatly. The first 20 minutes capture you immediately and is probably my favourite opening from a game, ever. The story is set up perfectly but then slowly loses momentum. There are a handful of rememberable moments but after completing Arthur’s story, I am sad to say that the introduction/tutorial was the highlight of the game. I really do hope the team make a sequel as the fundamental idea and what they were going for is epic. I believe that they struggled with balancing the open world with a linear story. Next game should be totally linear, in my opinion.” No hate please, I haven’t played any of the DLC’s, are they interesting as well?
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