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  1. Spoiler Alert: If you haven't played through the entire game, do not continue. Where to begin? I love so many things about this game, yet I feel so let down. The twists and turns in the storyline had me hooked but it all unraveled at the end. The style of the game initially peaked my curiosity. Despite some glitches, I still found it quite enjoyable. When Arthur first encounters Sally in the game, he's kind of an ass. It's later revealed that she slept with his father, which shines light on his ill behavior, even though it's still unbecoming of our beloved protagonist. Fast forward to Sally in Act II and we find out that she was actually sexually abused by Arthur's father. She had nowhere else to go and acknowledged how much Arthur adored his father, choosing to remain silent and not shatter their relationship.. I went from thinking she was a slut to feeling sorry for her and wanting a redemptive arc. I played through the rest of the game hoping that the truth would be revealed to Arthur (about his dad) and those two could have a happy ending. What I got was an ending that only punctuated the message that was clear from the beginning of the game. To the developers, Allow people closure and happy endings in the story. Not all stories have happy endings games should but because 1) Real life is for crappy endings.. and 2) We earned it through countless hours of gameplay. Act III should have been a character that (in a subplot along with broadcasting the truth) discovered the truth about Arthur's father and revealed the hard facts that Sally refused to, allowing Arthur to come to terms with the past and have a happy ending with Sally. Aside from that, I wouldn't change anything. You are all talented game designers and excellent story tellers. Thank you for your time and effort and I look forward to what you create next.
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