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  1. Never mind; I realized that I needed to buy the automatic feeder, which I didn't know how to obtain because I didn't know how to sell the tonnes of stuff I owned. Now it works. :P
  2. Towards the end when Sally goes back to her flat to get Gwen and dispatches the doctor, Sally can't actually "Go get Gwen" because she's either stuck in an 1) endless loop of changing Gwen's Nappy and the game can't progress 2) endless loop of picking up Gwen to talk to her and the game can't progress I've tried to back up a couple of times (going as far back as to go see the pirate and dispatch the yam worshippers), running home many times to change her nappy (sometimes I have to change them within minutes) - and yet am stuck and can't progress. Please advise, and please HELP!
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