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  1. Looking at the files - when i launch it from steam it creates a new AutoSave file before the menu even loads
  2. I just bought We Happy Few yesterday, and played through to where you retrieve the gentleman's war medals - where I paused the game for some time and eventually made a manual save and exited out. During the pause the date switched from 4/11 to 4/12. Today I clicked continue and instead of my manual save it loaded an earlier auto save (when you find the first dead guy). I exited out attempting to instead load that manual save; it resulted in my game continuously loading the first auto save. I looked at the times and all of the auto save slots think they were saved today at the current time (which would make it the most recent), but they are not the most recent. I could see - CONTINUE having a rule for playing the most recent, however my original load should have been the manual save. I would also expect, regardless of chronological sorting, that clicking on a slot to load, would load my character into that specific spot in the game, however it continuously loaded what it perceived as the most recent auto save. I thought to get around this by deleting the auto save slots, however selecting a slot and clicking delete slot then warns you it will delete alllllll of you auto and manual saves (not just the selected). I am running on a PC with windows10. Thanks Heather PS your reCATCHA times out and unauthorizes you and wont reauthorize you until you reload the page
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