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  1. Hello everybody, I got a problem/question here. I am playing We Happy Few + all DLC's on my PC via PC Game Pass for Windows 10. While game alone is free in PC game pass I purchased all DLC's. Everything here is fine, my question is, can this game be played at 100%? Look at my screenshots, I mean in Xbox app for Windows 10 or in Xbox Console Companion for Windows 10, there you can see I finished game at 91% (I even collected all collectibles in game). But this is not true, I finished all quests (main and secondary) for Arthur, Sally and Ollie and still stuck at 100%. Even as you can see I finished all achievements as well, it registered my skills count, achievements and game time properly, but not game completion or Total Kills (even I killed more than 100 NPC's to get achievement). Also, I noticed that DLC's don't do nothing for 100% completion because I completed them all and still stuck at 91%. Can somebody tell me what to do to get this done at 100%? Thank you.
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