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  1. playing with gamepass. i5-6400, GTX 970, 8GB ram. i play on a 4k tv, and my pc resolution is set to 4k, but i play all my games in 1080p. with this game however, it doesn't seem to want to display in 1080p, the reason i notice why is because of the Nvidia framerate counter, if something is displayed in 4k the FPS counter is kinda small, and in 1080p it's noticeable larger here's my issue, my options are automatically set to 4k, switching it to 1080p doesn't change the resolution (or the fps counter size), not even when restarting. all it does is for some reason change the framerate to 30, even with v-sync off. in game my frames are steady when indoors, like in the safe rooms/bunkers, but in the first open area my frames drop to around 40/50 fps, and i know for sure that would change to a solid 60 fps if the resolution would come down to 1080p. i play in fullscreen with 16:9 aspect ratio
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