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  1. Hi Lee, can you please elaborate when you say procedural generation for your world line? I am also having the same issue as well except my "Build is v1.9.88987). Traversed Maidenholm so many times but it's not popping up during either day or night. I have completed almost all of the side quests for Arthur. This is the only one not showing up on my map. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Compulsion team and the gamers here. I am trying to look and trigger for Moon Juice Leech mission. I have spent literally hours trying to find it but to no avail. I went through every turns/paths, etc. Just no luck. I hope this is not a bug and hoping someone can help me find it via detailed map? Like a landmark (the eye icon) and may be through that I can figure out where I need to go? ps. I know the maps are randomly generated but please someone help me out with this. That's the only side quest mission I got left in Maidenholm. Thank you!
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