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  1. I'm playing on ps4, build 1.8.8 I'm missing 2 of the Uncle Jack shows. News hour- do what you should be doing and That Tastes Amazing, What is it?- Bread Extenders. The News hour is the one that plays but wont let me collect it, and the other one NEVER plays. I'm in a good 315 days trying to get this trophy and it's not working. Is anyone else having these problems? Or know of any methods to try? On another note, if I were to complete my Arthur playthrough could I still get this with Sally or Ollie? And do different districts have different shows playing? Or is it the same over all? Also if I were to create a new game would it keep my progress of collectibles obtained and would help me get the 2 I'm missing? I've been doing this in ST. Holms district in a house with a bed and tv in the same room. Please help!
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