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  1. I just wish that Percy got away because he was so innocent like all the other children. Also, the fact that Arthur lied his way off that train and left Percy alone, he’ll never be able to forgive himself for leaving him - forever. It’s also impossible for someone like me to not get emotionally wrapped up in these characters. What I mean by that is that yes, Arthur has been fighting to leave and find Percy this whole game, but so have I. I’ve been in the shoes of Arthur and felt his pain and determination to get to his brother, no matter what. I want to find him as much as Arthur. I totally understand your point on how death was a common occurrence in the game and that it makes sense for Arthur to lose someone too. (How cruel is it though that we know what happened to Percy but Arthur doesn’t!? He’ll be heartbroken. That’s also me getting emotionally wrapped up in the characters again because when I found out that Percy is supposedly dead, I too was devastated.)
  2. I just remembered now relating to me talking about Arthur finding Percy before, that the kids on the train -- died.. "the Soviets tried to rescue the children on board the train, but something went wrong, resulting in the deaths of all of the children." If you want to read why and the events leading up to this you can read it off the fandom (I'm just putting the part relating to the train). https://we-happy-few.fandom.com/wiki/World_War_II I really hope that somehow Percy got away but apparently, all the children died. Some places say that the reason they started taking Joy was that the citizens let (some basically helped) the Germans take the children and when they died, the people couldn't deal with the guilt. So in order of occurrence - some people join the German army and help them take the children, children are taken, Soviets try to get children back but fail, children die, overwhelming guilt of the citizens, joy is created.
  3. Sally wasn't my favourite character but she definitely had her strong points. I believe that the feeding, changing, and holding of Gwen was reasonable since I was never far enough away from home for long enough for it to become a problem. Whenever I went to the Garden District, I would never stay there for long since I usually already had the resources for crafting (chemical crafting ingredients aren't usually even common in the Garden District) and I can just get the rose of Gilead petals while running from mission to mission. I honestly didn't even want to stay there for long since, as the developers wanted but it was just too much for me, it was horrible. It was run-down, deprived of colour, and outright depressing to be there. I already spent so much time there as Arthur so I got my taste of it. (I also didn't do a whole lot of side missions and when I did I left right after being home so Gwen was fine.) I genuinely liked having to come home for Gwen (as little as I did *just* for her) since it provided some reality and needed punctuality which I personally like in video games, although it's not for everybody. When it comes to optional chemical crafting - nope - never did it - not even takedown syringes. I could never find the ingredients for more than one syringe the whole playthrough let alone the more advanced formulae. When I did I had story things to craft so they were useless! That's my only complaint about her playthrough - that and she can't carry people fast AT ALL.
  4. Small spoiler warning (I tried to avoid them): I honestly doubt there will be a sequel but I still hope there is! My theory of what happened to Uncle Jack is that he is Foggy Jack. In the broadcast room, he seemed so distraught after lying to the citizens of Wellington Wells and lying to himself for 17 years. As soon as he was suffering from withdrawal from joy (seen during one of his last tapes where he revealed that Ollie was the reason Margret is.. in his head (trying to avoid major spoilers)) he remembered her and couldn't take it anymore leading to a mental breakdown. He stormed out of frame, grabbing a cricket bat in the process, then proceeded to destroy the camera that was taping him, all while chanting "we've come to the end of our time!" This is the phrase that was found on many of the dead bodies in notes. As far as we know Percy is in Germany -- but that was 17 years ago.. (The train Percy was forced onto took the children to Germany.) I'm dying to know whether Arthur actually finds Percy or not. The developers may have done a game design choice where the players basically get to think whatever they want at the end of the story. Whether Arthur found Percy, well that's up to the players to decide. If the developers actually do have an idea it also depends on which ending in canon (true to the storyline). Did Arthur actually choose to remember Percy and walk across that bridge to the outside world in hopes of finding him? Did he choose to forget after all that and face the reality of possibly never finding Percy? Or did he simply choose to forget way back in his office when he first saw Percy in the newspaper article? I honestly have nothing for Sally. I mean she probably had the best ending. She escaped with Gwen and probably just travelled somewhere relatively close like Germany or Spain to live the rest of her life and making it the best for Gwen. Everything she did was for Gwen-there literally wasn't a single moment in the story missions that were not to get Gwen out of Wellington Wells. Hopefully, she wasn't underestimated as a woman in the 1960s and 70s (or anytime for that matter) and got a career in the chemical aspect of science. As for Ollie, he probably also went to Germany or Spain or maybe he went home to Scottland? It seems he's trying to move on from Margret rather quickly (as seen by him dropping her picture while still in the float) so hopefully he decides to do something with his life and maybe do more service if that's still an occupation in this world (I'm pretty sure Germany won the war in this). Even though it may look like he's moving on, Margret will probably forever be in his mind and hopefully, he'll try to make her proud. She told him to put away childish things so I'd like to think that (after pissing over Wellington Wells) he became someone great. Because "[she's] right, [she's] always right." Did anyone also notice that when saying goodbye to Ollie, Margret sounded Scottish? She picked up on his accent because if you're around him, a man with a strong, STRONG, Scottish accent, you'll probably start to say things that way too.
  5. I literally thought that's what was going to happen -- sure all the endings aren't really what I would call "good", but they're not bad (unless you choose to forget as Arthur but even then he's "happy"). So I thought that they would want to include an unavoidable event or a choice like that for a true, bad ending.
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