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  1. Hey! So I was extremely upset because the same thing happened to me.. I couldn’t progress through the game so I had to restart Sally’s story! It was a pain and it took me a couple of days to get back to this quest but once I got there it worked for me! I encourage you to try again because it will more than likely work, I was too invested in the story to give up, it is such a shame because this game has so much potential. Also, getting to that quest was easy because I already knew what to do and you can skip the dialog scenes to make it a bit quicker The platform I’m playing on is Xbox. I also bought the early access back in 2016(I think) so I wasn't too pissed about the bugs bc at the time I paid $20.. I can’t imagine people buying a complete game for $60 and it turn out to have all these problems.. I really hope the creators get there stuff together and get this game fixed, this game was not ready to be released.. so if anyone who has not bought this game yet don’t waste your money I hope this helps anyone..
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