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  1. Everybody goes off of joy (possibly supply runs out) and off the rails? Probably a few people trying to keep it together in a sea of madness, where every district is a garden district.
  2. I, personally, enjoyed We Happy Few even more than the Bioshock series, both story and gameplay. For that matter, I probably enjoyed it more than even Dishonored series. Having played multiple roguelikes through the years, I think We Happy Few sets a new bar for story-driven roguelikes. Doubly so for making zombie-like plagies just a small part of the game instead of its central part.
  3. You should have given me an option to jump after Ollie learns the truth about his past. The tower roof was a perfect way-out.
  4. As Sally, I received the quest "Ratholm" and went to my home to check on things. On the second floor I found unconscious Doctor Wordsworth. Just in case, I decide to crack his skull with a pipe. As soon as I hit him, the game hard-crashes (tried several times). P.S. The game is incredible.
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