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  1. This is honestly like really annoying, I was really enjoying the story, but the game is so unbelievably buggy, that it takes the joy out of playing it and now that this has happened, I honestly can't be bothered with this game anymore, why would you release a game that's pretty much only half done with so many problems? Did the devs like not play try their own game. Please fix these issues you guys could have made an A+ game but honestly just kinda failed.
  2. Hi, Yes exactly after the guitar puzzle and btw I'm playing on Xbox one and I tried what you told me to, it didn't work. This is kinda annoying cause i literally love this game and the story and id really like to finish the game but I literally can't move forward in the game. I really hope you guys sort this out fast!
  3. I can't complete the game due to the game not letting me into Nick lightbearers hideout in the mission So foul and Faraday. The game just brings me back to the room where we enter nicks hideout, as in when I press the hold to enter nicks hideout, it gives a black screen and couple of sounds as if it actually taking me to the hideout but, after the lack screen it just takes me back to room in which you enter nicks hideout.
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