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  1. I'm playing as Ollie and have problems finishing the quest "Salamanca Bridge". My problems seem to have started with the quest "The Camp of Thine Enemies", which is still active. The current objective in that quest is to blow up the door to the air raid shelter. In order to do that, I've been given another quest, "The Gung Hoster", and I'm now on its second objective, "Loot the explosives from Pte. Baden-Poell". In order to do that, I have to cross the Salamanca Bridge. When I got close to that bridge, I got yet another quest, "Salamanca Bridge", since the bridge is closed. The first objective under "Salamanca Bridge" simply tells me to come back later. No matter what I do, I can't pass this objective, and/or find a way to open the bridge. The 3 abovementioned quest are the only story quests active at this moment, plus a side quest, "Mysterious Chest", which I guess is irrelevant to my problem. To put it shortly, I can't get pass the "Come back later" objective in the "Salamanca Bridge" quest. What am I doing wrong?
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