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  1. Hmmm? Hmmmm?! Themes to expand on: The fate of Uncle Jack (related?) Who is Foggy Jack? Percy's location Sally's future I don't particularly care for Ollie as a character so I don't have much input as to his storyline.
  2. This is interesting, and I definitely agree. I found her character fairly disappointing from a female point of view; she was disadvantaged purely because of her sex and her "advantages" were hardly that. I didn't find the chemicals useful at all (although that was my combat run so that may change when I get to her chapter on my stealth run), and the fact that she is mechanically useless doesn't make any sense -- she's "brilliant" and "petite" (i.e. small, dextrous hands) yet can't work mechanics? Doesn't make sense. Waiting around while men make us stuff wasn't all that engaging, either.
  3. In his character profile it says he stands out "for obvious reasons", which I've interpreted to mean his Scottish-ness, his size, his loud accent, and his army gear. In Wellington Wells, conformity is the only acceptable social standard so he is de facto hated for these reasons. When it comes to the army guys, however, I think they hate him because of what he did while he was in the army; I'm not 100% sure of what that was.
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