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  1. Never mind. I turned the game off then back on and it spawned. Lol
  2. Trying to remove the possibly heinous package and there is no prompt for me to get it. I’ve tried jumping into the cart and crouching, and jumping down and walking up to it and nothing is working. This is my 3 rd play through and I’ve never had a problem with this particular quest before. I’m on a PS4 build v1.8.85815
  3. I’m trying to play the new dlc but it still won’t bring up the option to play it or download it. I’m on a ps4. Thanks!!
  4. Says it’s data corrupted, and keeps throwing error reports up. Won’t load anything. I’m on a ps4
  5. That’s ok! I can wait for the patch. Thanks for the reply 😊
  6. I’m playing on ps4, build v1.5.72580, still having an issue of the bribing the bobbies not working, and I momentarily become stuck after trying to bribe them.
  7. Could we get some news on when sandbox mode or dlcs are coming? I hate to pester you guys, but we haven’t heard anything in a while and I’m getting antsy. Thanks so much!!
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