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  1. It has one on it ready to go amigo! Its found in apple holms safehouse, the fashion studios basement pad.
  2. A thousand thanks my man, all i kept getting was news storys about fires~~
  3. Was trying to get the saint achievement on Xbox, 40 non lethal kills and 16 hours into Arthur's adventure I tripped a mine killing a single rat in a cellar. Granted me a murder, 1 murder & 40 non lethals thus nullifying all my time creeping about. PLEASE FIX. (IRL) Im positive im not a murderer for crushing venomous spiders on my bed, so why is *accidentally* detonating a plague rat so unforgiving? Perhaps more than 0.05% of people can enjoy doing this if fixed. Thanks- tor001/parrypillpopper. Build v1.6.75622 xbox one elite 1tb
  4. Pretty self explanatory, rain inside a office building. Hopefully a easy fix, or graphically install a few nozzles. (Maybe its the fire sprinklers gone off?) Lmk if your fixing these bugs still- Just want to see one of my favorite games at its best. Thanks devs, Eagerly awaiting DLC. 20190222_162637.mp4
  5. Location: Just entered plagued fashion building shelter in the parade district, and i hear the usual styled mumbling of the slowed records.. but its different this time. Head out the door to the right in the storeroom to the bed in the back corner, theres a wind up 45rpm record player. A woman sings over jazz about one day waking up in a house on fire alone hearing sirens coming. HELP? Im going to be up all the night fretting 20190222_155929.mp4
  6. Thinking about starting a new save... keeps generating buggy games. After forced shutdown, quest bad dreams failed.
  7. Bump^ loading screens same for me in town, far too common. Every second street loads in town when chased. Maybe preload more cells when entering town? XB1, build v1.6.75622
  8. Follow up: game killing bug occured after leaving shelter, thirty wellies gathered around the sweet dreams sidequest. xbox forced game shutdown, slight overheating.
  9. I was using a first aid kit to not bleed out during sallys cinematic where she meets Arthur and collects yhe cod liver oil. I apparantly entered the bit of cell that loads the cutscene. Anyways~~ I successfully bleed out during the scene, the bug occurs when i respawn in the unlit(thought it was lit for arthur, maybe fix the power) plauge bunker, Eel pie Holm 1.? Anyways all the bodies disappeared, i woke up on the floor with all but hydrated buff, and theres a collision error apparantly as a wastrel is halfway through the floor swinging, yelling poetry at me. Build # v1.6.75622. Photo w video included. Xbox tags: Tor001 well, we've come to the end of this report. Have a cheery day mates 20190217_141454.mp4
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