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  1. THis hurts to know because it took si much time collecting all the mask and jack shows. Why do i have go out there and colllect again if the only reason is because the game is broken and the collectibles didnt register where is the guarantee that they will register the next time i collect them? Are you guys not going to fix this bug because this totally not fair i did not pay 60$ for a broken game. The game is telling me that i collected 88 and i even started collecting on my second playtrough and it dosent look like it will resolve 5e problem. The game did crash but i still went out to get all collectibles and the ones that didnt register i collected on the second playthrough if i would have know about these issues before hand i woudnt have even started collecting trophies for it or maybe even buying the game.
  2. Ive completed the whole game and had two trophies left for platinum. Saint and Remember Remember. Ive thaught i had collected all th collectibles but apperently some didnt register so i went to pick them up again i had two missing the mask( yellow) in tomasinas house and human sacrifice jack show. I colleted both on second playthrough now in the movie theatre it says i have 88/88 collecttibles i checked and they appear to all be there. But the trophy did not pop and it makes me mad because there is nothing i can do about it and it will prevent me from getting platinum. Also some parts when i picked up masks sometimes the cutscene was interupted for no reason in game so maybe that had something to do with it. My gamertag on ps4 is stazaro2
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