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  1. Here is somemore pics. The ground textures again don't load half the time properly and the newspaper letters are very pixelated. Again I play this on PC and have compared the two. The textures on X1X and below the lowest setting on PC which makes me think it must be some issue with loading them in
  2. The textures on Xbox one x are still not loading in on alot of spots. This is also not a matter of waiting for them to load as I have waiting 5 mins and nothing. Sometimes you can get them to load properly but it's rare. Most the time they look like this which is awful on a 4k screen. I play it on PC as well and even on the lowest texture setting you can read the words on the mailbox. Here it's just a mess.
  3. Will 1.7 Fix the textures on loading properly on X1X? I mentioned this before but the hatches, signs and mailboxs don't load textures most the time or just really low quality ones. Will this be addressed in patch 1.7? Also will there be any framerate improvements to the game? Playing this on X1X
  4. Also just to add i'm playing on the current 1.6 Patch for Xbox
  5. I have noticed this since launch but a lot of textures in the game do not switch to high res when approaching them and stay at super low resolution. I notice this on multiple signs, mailboxes , hatches etc.. it must be some kind of bug with higher quality assets not loading in. I am using the xbox one x version. Are you guys already tracking this issue? Its a real shame as the rest of the game looks great.
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