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  1. Yeah I had already come across that video and I had already gone through all of it. I had all the parts. The control desk kept saying it was broken so I would go down and check the machines again but there was no option to repair them. Nothing at all. I ended up going back to a previous save (day 18. I was up to 45 so that made me heaps happy) now I've lost all that progress even though I was manually saving all through the game. Restarted from previous save then ran into another problem when the car wash swipe card no longer existed and I was trapped in the building trying to get to maintenance room (2 or 3) but couldn't and couldn't get out to search anywhere else. Cut to my third attempt having gone back to the previous save again and now there's a bunch of quests that are in the list but have been completed and just won't go away. What an absolute mess. I give up! Great idea for a game. But a tragic execution.
  2. Xbox one. I have no incomplete quests aside from letter of transit and future perfect. Future perfect has everything ticked off but I can't repair the machines to blow a hole in the wall. Literally nothing. Letter of transit wants me to enter the broadcast tower but I'm not finding any way to get in. I've wandered around for literally days and I'm totally stuck. How did the game get pressed onto disc with this many bugs???!!!
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