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  1. Like I said, I have a save just before activating the shelter (Last step in A Model Citizen Quest "Activate the hatch"), when I activate the lever, the quest show as complete (Both on HUD and journal) so i don't think the bug is related to this specific shelter. (maybe the tracking or something like that is messed up on this playthrough) So I reloaded another save, (way earlier, almost 4-5 shelters before) speedrun until a modern citizen quest, and the achievement still is locked. I will start another playthrough eventually I guess...
  2. Platform: Xbox One I started the game after the 1.6 update, I have discovered every Shelter and the achievement didn't pop. No idea what to do to solve this issue, anyway i keep a save prior last hatch located in the Parade in case this problem gets solved in a future update.
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