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  1. Thanks Lee! I did not play the game before my issue a few days ago, it was a fresh install. And oddly enough, when I started a new game and got to the tunnels, I saved and was able to load that save again, even after restarting the game. The old save still cannot be used (which is fine). Was there a new patch that fixed the issue or was I screwed the moment I started the game for the first time? Either way thanks for the info!
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Lee! I do not have the game installed on Xbox One, nor any saves from Xbox. As I had stated in the original post I am unable to alter the game's files in any shape or form. This includes changing the file properties to read/write (which I did notice that the folder "We Happy Few" was set to read only). I also have all permissions for my user account and I still cannot alter any files. I believe this is caused by the fact that the game is from the Game Pass, and if you could copy the files, you could essentially pirate the game once your subscription ran out. So the "We Happy Few" folder located in "C:\Users\Hacksasaur\AppData\Local\Packages\CompulsionGamesInc.WeHappyFew_eae46zy90r9xg\LocalState\My Games\We Happy Few" is stuck on "read only" The install for the game is located on my "D:" drive and I cannot move the "My Games" folder to my "D:" drive. I can not add the application as an exception through Windows Defender because I also need permission to do those as well. We Happy Few is allowed through my firewall. Running the game in windows 7 compatibility mode did not solve the issue either (though that was one of the only things I could do without permission). Thanks again, and I look forward to your response.
  3. Hello! I was delighted when I found out that this game was added to the PC "Xbox Game Pass" list of games. After playing the game for an hour or so, I saved and quit the game. However, when I went to load that save (or any other save for that matter), I found that none of them would load properly! I would go into a loading screen for about 5 to 10 seconds, and then I would find myself back on the main menu! After doing a bit of reading, I thought that perhaps the bug was Windows Defender's fault. See here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/320240/discussions/1/1746720717344903559/ The suggested fix was to allow the app to bypass Controlled Folder Access, but because I have the Game Pass version of the game, I do not have permission to alter the files of the game! Thanks for any help in the matter, recovery of the save file itself is not required, but I would like to be able to save and load the game in the future!
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