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  1. Thanks for the response. Luckily I only change a couple key bindings, so resetting them on each play session is not that big of a deal. I'm glad to hear that you are addressing this issue in a future patch. I look forward to it. Thanks again.
  2. I am playing the Windows 10 (UWP) version of We Happy Few. I noticed that any custom keybindings that I make do not save when I quit and reload the game. The bindings only persist for the current game. Is there a way to make them persist permanently? Being an Unreal Engine game, I thought that keybindings would be saved in the input.ini file. And I noticed an input.ini file in this directory: \AppData\Local\Packages\CompulsionGamesInc.WeHappyFew_eae46zy90r9xg\LocalState\My Games\We Happy Few\Config\UWP But that file is empty and does not seem to get updated when I create a new custom key binding. So I figured these bindings must get saved somewhere else. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
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