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  1. Thank you and happy holidays to you! Really loved We Happy Few despite its flaws (but still one of my favourite games of the year), and really can’t wait for the new content. But still, there are some questions about new feature i want to make, i didn’t pretend to be implemented immediatly, but simply to be considered in the future, and if not, well, at least i tried: 1) New Game Plus: i know it’s a request always bothering, but still i wold love to restart again one of the adevnture with all skills, crafting blueprints and “collectibles”/logs of previous walkthrough; just for the fun 2) stories/chapter selection: this one is maybe more easy to implement: it would be nice that, after ending the first playthrough, you can restart from any of the three storylines you wish; if you can begin also from specific moments of the selected storyline, that would be neat, but just simply replay immediatly the story of Sally or Ollie immediatly anytime that woudk be great. this are simply suggestion and little wish from a fan, but if can’t or even won’t to add it because it’s not in line with your project or you philosphy of the game, i respect yoour decisions. Thanks for reading and again Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas aand Happy New Year.
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