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  1. Hi - the gates are down in Parade because of a quarentine condition. You can't get to the Broadcast Tower until you do several other things in Parade which eventually end the quarentine and raise the gates that allow you to get anywhere...including the Broadcast Tower. I stumbled on this pretty much by accident - and I'm sorry, I can't remember EVERYTHING that had to be done and I didn't keep track. But it included being in a fashion show, flipping a switch in the ground/pavement (outside on a street) that cops were guarding and a worker was looking at, getting into the Health building, and eventually getting into the Scientific building. In one of these is a switch (again I forgot - I'm just too old to remember stuff like that while playing!) that shuts-off quarentine...and all the gates go up allowing access to the Broadcast Tower. And FYI - once you blow that cannon into the office (mentioned above), the guy in there isn't hostile - he's grateful...so don't kill him! Hope this helps a bit.
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